The Long Lightning

Erik Blagsvedt

beginningless never-ending crystal bobbers in reality pure as illuminated birds of pristine focus spontaneous attributes mundane spacious revelation free exalted nothing liberation dynamic unstructured anything all-good

total one pure complete simple sky bird is space inflated garuda concentration nothing outer inside flight-path itself simply boundless pristine free space present now ninth yoga exalted vast crystal complete fringe centerless anything spontaneous illuminated unending white sweet still throb

reverb funk crystal crunch neglige | how could we! there wasn't a dime left. chimes chanting marble luck in holy doubt lift flying flounder from ford taurus. zipper printing up fly over soup drone tonal wedding encroachment flavors of sarsaparilla dong dong chang. toasty oldsmobile rattlesnake cream rattlesnake tooth for punk shoe armadillo goatee. barn wiggle flat bun, tugged toward an orange gin whisper spider fast moving mouth moth woman snow dish rhyming without reference canoe wang dang bang the pencil drawer hot chocolate guitar gravy hair cake headmaster sweet commander bandido murder number, our oeuvre, our willingness to be a handy face of utter chartreuse. long long day at the phone service junk ass.

[foreign lands and train graveyards. We all get there. The wild imaginings die away or lead to momentous somethings that also dissipate. A perfect yard could belong to anyone. Shells of a shotgun can be used twenty-five thousand different ways. Basically. Gourds of fall have come and gone as numerous as the tides and ocean moons. And the leather of your favorite cow is a retail commodity as long as you slice it right. Drink the sun under and feel the moon breeze bite in equinox. Drink the moon under and feel the sun's trumpet blare all the scales at once. There are many. More than types of girls. Give them up and be what you are. Give in and be what you are. It makes no different cup of coffee than the rest of us]

shining dog sin boat sun watch lantern dust lightly puce tuned clarinet, a muffler mint for jogging. Dave's blueprint of neptune gum chew pumped and pumped to america is the heart of america and american desert:


nightingales of new hope crystal, nightingale of neptune, the thorough nightingale leveraging and bolstering
within basic male bitch venom guide there are suggested soliloquies and unfavorable sherpa stances. a gentle fade, four hours of dental recovery, bearded white artist fang. i saw the way you teach art the other yobbo and i threw up, pink ropy viscous jets of puke in the supine sunshine.
when working on things, she worked on them. when not working on them, she ignored them doing other things. this was the way in which the patterns poured the path before her. shut off service phone and cancellation customers, don the costume and dance for ransom.

[ . . . Guilty he placed the sack of dusty lemons on the shelf. No one knew that Iceland's gender was equality. Having your health run down a hill is something no one wants...unless there's a stream down there. An emerald at the center of the moon meowed after spending a day with the cat. It couldn't have been more happening although, 'Blind Jack and the Whale Baiters' might disagree after their sesquicentennial hit, 'Washcloth Queen.' So many were hurt, so many had stumbled. A fried fish was served at the gambler's bowling convention but no one knew where there could be tartar sauce and an angry drunk clown became orange with rage, smiling through the yellow teeth of insincerity, and proclaimed vague threats to all from a great distance so as not to alarm the the piebald fisherwomen. . . ]

i think that's it. thinking is the ambrosia of the ten ton empire. [METRIC]. we the needles, in a sack of pepper, championship the helmet wealth control holographic cockroach blueprint moving robot giggle fire and quivering box of light reveal EYES of the supplicant in all manner of retrieval postponed.
beverage-headed somnambulist, your egg plastics anew with shreds found art liberation truck scanning the pieholes of holy dose ships ablaze! shrapnel person or robot view the catastrophe life that is a sad hand to hold to your click heart as a directive big shake dome filled with balls of blue rock solid shimmer dust storm up tune your arm gun.
and as stung bulbs are stringed your home can get lips from fish few as it spins spit egg beater dial bubble wrap popsuperpornstar. light bulb for first ones, a VHS i've never seen, rubber hose against the side head just below mutton chop hub cap hat to tune the destruction, it never heads, it never blends, it never ends but emblems. the glowing green symbol within sight, never far from lightning, rain, and dirt diablo explosive long journey candy crushed you're a realized beauty of nature from a bridge.
don't get crunched! play pong forgetting ping watch for: CONFUSIASM. it's at it's worst when it's at it's best and that's not what i told you that's what happened when you already knew it was the case at hand, of course.
you need your eyes for art ears for notes skin hugged sun beam hears the moon sonata sestinas in lime groves.

[climbing broken steps toward success small person failed failed better better only when the storm reached its zenith the chicken cooked his heart ready for stuff. old bones lie as still as the new ones, it's just the ideas that are different. and when someone gets at your piece of everything with their horny pitchfork and their bureaucratic dog whistle it's time to give up on them and let the river take you down to the big one]

singing zombie teen architects mothers day in combat imagination pretends an ice cream cone, therefore hell step sprinkle butterscotch umbrella nectar singing songs in a large group the presidents of yellow night awaken golf strategy and cat bait at temple night garbage. there, in your bobbers and goggles, eye blackened brisket tickler peering into the pulsating vernacular plume, eye for else revealing chicken boss of science. her science, his science, and the scientists science of loco polo dip dress smush phone checker x ray gravy puncher ruby red refrigerator. french roast bile laser.
father nose less fat than gold father chain of the other father who holds the chicken truth, the quickening brute, the sickening roof. nutshell avo-guac-margarita-booty-boom. the kids are backlit, they give me greeps, they give me the hair club high five, nailed it in shimmering.
the ponies are under work out construction: UNICORN or UNICRON. exotica accent has a normal talk hair wig near a purple faced sit-up girl in crappy dot lady bread dress.

[remaining just ahead of the story I wrote a wristwatch for hollywood, a wolverine for hammer hockey, a wurlitzer for hilarity. sex bear, take my dry cleaning with you, I'm no savior, just a poem donkey with no publishing powder.]

cerebral holiday bbq babies dipped in potato salad poems, deftly hung salaries form themselves a bold new Queen of Dairy! Should the time come, a vast vodka, a simple vodka, a multi-lingual vodka, a vodka for the asses! hot sauce barcode gallery authentic sizzle of Steve's ski-doo, a preambulatory evocation.
antonym cupcake formula liberation product. The jury, the licentious, the law, are waves in flipped air corn, a wall of terminable termites hinged and sunk. Teething torture hub and rim, a shadow of aurora, a shim of the ashplant, the daedalus drunk: Shadow, shim, and shore went him, of her though we speak a bread tongue in line with release.
bulb a clouds charge a snippy flesh taught. Ventricles avast, a lonely air spool spun lunged and liquor dabble tune to harpsichord lambs. Oh divine spider, naked laugh, piled higher and higher, what do they know? Is it the emergency? Slay the undercarriage of poly gluttonous politic primates parading through our pear trees. If yours is yours and yours only I won't contend contentiously but pretend pretentiously and relieve your boiled thought salt fat fried noodle hopes.

[the shame she fell
a flowery thorn,
a riddle
folded and posted]

laundry dome lend us corn of ever essence clawhammer bless our holy holes with your macaroni pancake crossed out chest of unwelcome sergeant Matthew bible person . Ever glad the squeal and ever well the singe the violet ruins atop old Wal-Marts, the ancient flavor crystal dumb dumb grey duck. California sour with literature cream on rye, a flower of bourbon rocks flocking flogged clogs clock cog cathedral cocks mercurial, funded in part by materialisms goat huff and the broken fence defense fund.
scores of us were broken mad sanded ugliness in the heat. A petunia lisp ear buds for life ripe for with wife for raft. A life of pulp and tuna, burgers and tea, the magazine says there's no to morrow today and the rights are revoked for ladies of lingerie lounging and bounding toward Nasdaqs of purit honey or dew like things you knew blown to holes danced in winds of vicious limbs.

[polyglot porn porridge pendant in muscle moon assignment numskull junk assassin, tumble choir gulch musket masterpiece gumdrop nunnery. Hot chomp gulp, swelter swindle sex junky chortle. Husband headband master commando bandido murmur calculation haircut calamity calendar, a pendulum of calcium sweethearts.]

The shame shine shimmer way water wavered sound of saviors savored the flavor food of fubar:

[remaining just ahead of the strategy I wrote a yardstick for hollywood, a wolverine for handicraft hockey, a wurlitzer for hilarity. shake-up beck, take my dry click with you, I'm no savior, just a polecat dormer with no pullover prawn]

you should write some goddamn stuff you should write some . it's been all day . you are drowning in inspiration with no time-produce and very trine to employ inspiration . blissfully endless to sit on high chair and swing your legs like a baby tank dangit gerry rigged trapeze canoe.
survey summation whiskey pincer pencil and scream the ice sky 'I am pierced and I love to scan documents and manipulate the results into ugly sums and productions of meat and numbers and so forth.' The squire added, 'S0 MUCH!'
never been privy to bungie barrel magnitude train burger treat time was complicated | Sensai said, Sensai did, we had Bonsai for lunch and went to hell EIGHTEEN languages for sin [foreskin] of catapulting homicide to pulchritudinous plant.

[to pave the road with roads, this world with worlds but what else when that's what's been done over and under the centurions castles full of squirrels and coffee tables of cosmic holes. The china closet is smashed the bull is bleeding beneath the iron flag pole. All children can do is learn faster and be smarter in the mouth to get by where their parents stalled and fetch the golden carrot from the platinum rod. Maybe there's a way to punch through the leather overhang with a small diamond that we all have in our back pocket: just forgot about it.]

a sunlit pleasure web wind Cindy chrome phone with halo Hector | Should it come to this rabid grass shift blue stasis triculum next nectar guitar flame: I the wheel of bear/ the sex tome hommos/ the four pour dingy hung frost glot: I got the law for her birthday/ mine to caress carry forward/ draft of indie/ limp pills in pockets/ nine nights wellness antecedent acquired.
a thief for a while you won't know it | Get more pop | Flowers to ceiling bulbous imbiber terrace tears flow waterfall gradual | ready time real sleepover metric green shower fang the buns of anguish glide pitchfork doggy harley bmx blender.

[astral travel pickled pig speckled rope burn fern spotted expertly rattling the racetrack with jumpsuit horsepower legends in leather and my powdered typewriter gently weeps my typwriter wants to kill your mamma my typewriter wants some gin straight no chaser]

rail track roll tube realism bone sonar liquid flim [aphextwin] pool crimson latitude, a knee high barb. Numerical research detergent identity declination space scan cavern flanger nail puller oasis scratched down like lion rain coat fathom finder fudge trudge indigo stumps skeletal gaslight. Perfume cubed nut thoughts, shelled well.

[Caution: sexist beard awesome poet donor to non duck power. Powerboat pucker clergy hamster hockey tickets primo pudding practicality porch. Take my dry cleavage with you, past the poison doorknob, through the puffin prairie, to the shaky beaver dry cliches in pullover prawn handgun hockey.]

write falling poems in love with never poets think separate codify beyond your yours. Write communes symbol freely poems other to poets. Sanctimonious anyway giraffe, boxed shoe stuff, word worries about pure no. Last ones lost a court of skin, cinnamon, roll a holy donut down rabbit hole hare hell cart large orange gourd at the edge of calculation return to variety a bouquet encrusted emerald aloud.

ninety Six Hundred metric tons of teal shown lulled weeping dumb river broken leverage pork and laundry chew the sound you serve you hear to here to there so fair its lengthy catamaran a festival inert in languid dapper day holy american shaped t-shirt tear.
wrote the wisdom poles of the cold earth tomb flat back track rock heaven bush and babe the clock won't choke a tender chicken laughter or relish the homonym hot dog xylophone! |Xylophone the whales the panther the sombrero tongued lance launcher and gin your veins to the next yellow hover stop.
Not so much is much lime in lemon time for Nine nebulizer crab habit Nuns parking their numchucks in numskull accessories retractable as love hornets are darned! A shag sheer double dose cone return followed by bleak dark rouge pasta bastard.

[King cobra, you have my everything apricot, shoot to boon it. The cheetah slurred eye liner charming basket darn train whistle in the distance.]

Took a train to taxi town and tanked the ankles bangled fresh lit some lifted literature ponies given gutted forever the gift. Bone choked amoeba blanket a placard month of the employee club | shallow gravy donkey soup nettled | the flute escape rips a cream knot from the smooch plume. Sticker factory exclusive Mr. Yuck clucking his tambourine tongue tough like muppet malaria birds of men get felt tip pens lay down their horse scopes blather bubble governed gulch of destitution. Hierarchical harlot slice flask for frisky whisker chicken | a leggy den of competition soda: try outs and see through windows.

[real feel coffee! the Mind is the prolapse! Whether keys are bent or paddle-broken, skis of your dreams await the other side, tune town wolves and lonesome paper lilies, a fallen empire. Since canoe is a hard horde to shine it is not a place or noun, allwondering, shoreshifting, what is the next rhythm is what it is next.]

Be coxswain, buffer dill, a lie to the weather, ice in whiskey crack the goldsmith did while bend in glitch honed one hammer welted sisters of mercury, the temple edifice, nincompoop fur tongue and liability cheese. It's just so Donkey, the quarters of pie rolled over cerebral dust and hopeful of the gland with illegal states beyond fifteenth and a thousand more in spite of cone poem bishop pole stuck from roof with ruff dogs agog the draped footies hung dandy.

Joust! another poured partridge bandido el rancho huevos summation of phone tentacles ecclesiastic chaperone sacks shimmer a swim the shine that shone a wisp of guilt hammered home the 7th door from the left is deft.

because you can go back and pull it apart with your reading eyeballs and fall down the stairs.
A jam covered jar in the rear of the treehouse | It's there awaiting the next child who likes to get their sticky fingers stickier and whine whine whine like a lumpy siren at the side of the road, poles to pump sounds in blank air, towels on tea head shaved the way of pure good that always was over there by the wavelength of watery TAMMY BINS.

[And he wrote his poetry within her
The flaming sword
Of a gentle prince]

leeches rip teeth ladder pipe hard to whip a word another and get all gonged as silver mallet tray and cold wet wipes.
i am for the one who is looking for what you say i am. Should it provide you with problemy type thingies that I am not knowing of please, if you will, forgive it with the quick kind of speeds so that friendship we may have more of, the most of if you will.
log jam epitome is the etiquette of century torches. Tank tracks, tank tubes, tank vodka. Arctic chin bird push up bra to the library old large print tammy bins. Oh! paper cut vein of blood spew plume disappointment.

[all the people writing had spectacles larger than the rest of men, women were absent, wholly communicating desire for approval in absent terms renewed by invention. As the marbles fall from maw in hot tootles aghast I am magnificent random access mobility booty. Any question of superior buttocks can throw a crow to nearest fashion store shoe hole and give me a jingle page since I'll be wincing a glass of beer at the stadium on 2nd. Cute of damn. Fly a fuck with Sundial Airlines and we'll buy you fuck drinks for free while you fuck the sky: now also serving sensual bombardment nuts.]

beagles train their porcupine thoughts with candy gum vestibule and when it's time to have cake what will you do with the cheerleader outfit you've got all staggered around like pin drops in the liquid dick quid.


appendix flag formulation form [F.F.F.] or [tri-F] as is utensil of shy dried chandelier stuck to distant shells, a shapely maneuver of shiver, of wine light glass goblet. Should a stray of velvet bull trample your headstrong horn may it reveal the mustard you dip missed, kindergarten teacher you kissed, the double donkey you blissed. Dingle ball sombreros of mysterious sadness.

proprietary pronounced, 'I don't know.' |dont parking| or maybe |apropos parking| as we prepare the new sacred scare tax. Text for the tax size bombardier zoom overhead destinate their detonations.
space corn between kernels kerned kilned inclined in time walk to coffee burn head run freshen the broad blade of air rushing a weathercock decline apparel chaperones incomplete drought of solar cake hole punctured center galaxy whole hole universe guitar time plum drums concur to our science pie the slices so slender of the shine shorn lamb.

['Got any Pontiacs?' he asked and then cringed knowing questions of this nature did not contribute overall ass intellect. It wasn't cool to admit fondness for such wasn't cool to allow other people in any situation to know the weakness of your perception even though it may be your strength...there's no way to prove anything. Science always disproves itself and taken as a whole from above, seeing the whole path of the thing, there is no end to the negation one will find using those methods...the sea is a good place. Jump in. Flogg around. Go under the witness. Shoot into the sky. Move through a pink cloud with symphonic crescendo...]Vertical purple leaves in gnash we charged through trundled ice cream pole homes and vivified the savant relationship necessary product was produced and I wonder how we're doing with underwear shining examples of reverie, lip gloss, saucers filled to brim with form blood no one has experienced.
|again|vertical|contingent|upon|pressing|shift|and|a|button|far|away|from|the|pinky|finger|at last|an|honest|pie|]

what is this button? how does it work what does it do what should we think about it where should we go with it how do we know what we know about and how should we think about what we know about it. That was a question I asked the coffee master and his reply left me stunned in nickel slime with sally shivers running up my cardigan.
I do my work here. Don't deny it. All i do is get to work, drink my goddamn coffee, and work hard so that your goddamn company can make money and so that I can buy my son his goddamn little race cars and buy my other son his goddamn little diapers and buy my wife her goddamn little purse with matching shoes. Goddamnit.

won't you take me to monkey towel motel for ambulance beast robots of crack soda receding for heroine lit push to fluffer flour for four more years a corn cosmic coming light speed non kronos.
it can't be all ginger ale and dvds, sci-fi paperbacks and heavy metal, etc.
deeds of the good are dead and are you an awareness octopus? Managerial position is frozen until further entrails try #62 kung pao shrimp food with rice noodle.
Don't Parking.
prawn frond
pond prod
sun beams rare on rare flesh naked until next tending inside the constipatory hell bell. At least there is what there is at least a short lunch for Bobo and singing siren momo-cycles up & down vestibule [credenza].
yes that's fine, the deliberate, the blue blemish configuration imperfections weekend/weekday ratio imbalance suffered by working parents on the plain pain planet
cold spoon tongue flavors its neighbors to saviors. Contract deed plus ten pocket charged mal-carpeting practice globe glow sting dangle elbow bludgeoning tooth humor deflection crack never care for horderves. It's not far from here the barn reality practice tractors have whole wrest share the vodka oil donuts old.

the party has become and we are liberated funky participants in pants, revulsion rabbits ring a clear bell tone spork inundation unnecessary chromatic cereal donuts breath altered air of canyon redaction brownies and footprints to the library of green green heaven. Battery drop the sharp shift, rolling motor a soft tear
if you look terrible listen harder. Looseleaf membrane heart pang and voltage variety. A bag left unread at Moorhead corner potluck for hard hat workers, burnt coffee & cheap peanuts old cake frosted free jazz hot dish tuna crunch flakes. Ruby television for sailor routines an antenna shellfish cocktail patrol near the dress barn. Hear far!
impatience is an umbrella up your nose at the top of the fez you confess reality compartments of prick-bombs are naturally neutered butter a custard filled biscuit. However, the reasoning involved in this fudge production is the tine of life, the wine of wife, a gentle floof. EXCELSIOR.

Your spawn storage is immaculate. Please involve my intellect in the jamjar process.
'Keeping up with the book club has been hell.'
'Should we offer a truce? What book is it?'
'Resume' Magic: Trade Secrets Of Writing From A Real Writer by Larry Thistlebum.'

Fig mold armoire cherished childhood mental illness is shameful she wondered as she planted 29 trees in a pattern resembling the buttons of an analog telephone. But there was no telling and there was no time, the groceries needed getting and the poles weren't going to paint themselves! Emerald! Absinthe! This time emerald! It's what she had always desired and all the music producers and novel poopers were using the term to bolster their insurance and get out of the rickshaw as clean as can

she saw the doughnuts of that cowboy, his tuba like doves that cowl and tug the nymph | Oatmeal bumblebees slather brick noggin schoolboy, sweaty cousins horde the periscope at the commie oasis | She saw the doves and their deeper bullshits, brainstorm breeding a courtesan for high high backfire.
electric paperweights, a software tragedy, sultan of: i am a paperboy and i read paperbacks to assassins | The format of this pantheon shall subscribe softball sugar and/or neckerchief tincture | Our assets have a tripwire, lumberjack, and i don't want to be a lozenge but, navy panthers have my pants and the timekeeper i am holds the sodium.

[ . . . for the sake of silence and the prolonged allegory of this current administration. For the roar of freezers in the grocer's heaven. For blown down men on sidewalks astray from reason they got there and unwarranted in the view that was privy to their concupiscence. For the malty head on the nectar of a pint. For the blond curls of the bosom carriers. For the shaft of light which holds the millions, the dust motes we all are, gaping at the play like critics on fire, fanning the flames of incessant motility, sinking into the dire muck that itself is so illuminated not one glimpse could miss it from any far. . . ]

backbend hem bear warble hitching blue flint fire bobber fishwife disincentive lightyear nutriment bomber span sickle: cornice canary gymnospermic sunnyside facsimile escort :rumble steam beast sour: The saddest clunk is damn deacon lozenge all sprocket and bookbinding alternative :leave me behind: i don't know how to get backdrop: it's a spoil of my fellow heart thug and getting in the wealth of how i am loving thinks.

[i am your honk dad honorific heliosphere your honeycomb periscope hizzy tizzy here all the time anyone can come a pair of choppers belligerent homeopath glass klink and glitch font]

shrine beards placed after each truck or train and upload volume amid whirling chug. opiate veins racing toward light bulb rainbow gum cud blame torch.
stuck deeper upon lateral button blues and wait for blondes to descend in abstract furniture brunette designs designed and primed wearable for future death clerk piles of dried coffee brain funny butt needs the next storyhumper.

the moment here now this place right here water bottle frison shakey eyeballs almost terrifying it can rake your flesh doubt pangs effigy pome.


is science parking. Until lists line up in unicor flame page. All the space. Might as well. If you don't anyway eventually forever space yap.
feel feel dance. dance feel the very one we wanted to illustrate topic hand mouth foot for concave pony poets, an ever argued convex everything isn't poetics what they're for? Utilize utility, avant anger bruise, to view ourselves in the green green, a light 0f pure energy scum superb knight of pubic pitfalls.
reasonable truth ballet in pink and orange notebook it hadn't taken a week after happy lovely cheap lonely tea tap water minstrels day old bagel downgrade. Shallowshorelinesharedinstare a gait of horses measured in confluence toward stone blarney owner known existential tangent habits courtyard parking lots. A list of gin or tacos. Gin list. Taco list. Other lists welcome. Anyone can come. Everyone is welcome. Pair of choppers. Drop the beat mix paint pump typewriter pome oil syntaxis.
her mirror coaxed a blonde quad breakfast bake triumvirate sons of self en route to futbol in mini-van tan leotards arms of sunshine so bare in sexiness burn technique the latter levels of promotion gain unending correlations to sanctimonious scrutiny.
barbarous sandwich repitition repitition CHOMP kind kindled kung fu fondue trundle wonder track of choo record highs ninety plume writing or jerk writing next time and prevail several hondo anthos will demote clure having BOMB-chomped and ask ourselves must we keep the dividend dildos around fish fun pelican gambling I'M NOT GUILTY! hot cheeto says again and again repeating himself repeating himself turnaround twirl redundant redundancy beach ball instead peach plum butt face organize and RELEASE!
immunity ammunition tulip destruction become run the ruins of blood switch your wind to gin or my brain is not funny or super or ordinary fresh magic ingredients all with ART! take a flying fuck at a rolling donut and thank my Dad.
extent of fire night tie, Dear deer, allow trains to revelate supermodel exceptions in exchange for elegant pelts next to nothing boxes more minimum for flying fruit whistle of juice. Tall stack Medium exchange dangle the fruitless fly time carpentry showers the silent syringe. Those are the ones we adore toward when the holes of suck are deep depths disappointment bricks stacked high high.

[We could be mired by the intake of most beverages but what it amounts to is paying attention, which seems like a choice, but how do you know? Did you decide to hear things the way you heard them? Did you decide that the water in your shower should run from the top down and therefore clean you thoroughly? Some kind of hierarchy is taking place that is none of your business but you may enjoy it if it occurs to you to do so.]

slack cut cold crepuscule bronze monk brass copper age ablaze acraze. Glug gallon subsidy wonder fantasy in scenic cheese nine pin split win the shoes you're wearing black belt coffee liner un-included. Today is all the way. All the way today. Tomorrow only a burnt toast excitement worry. Yesterday a soggy bra. Float forever just like our savior TOMCRUISE to get all the glory nuts to fit in a styrofoam cup. Blades of grass hymn buzz with rumble trucks and ass lasers, blue hair balcony construction pinnacle height restriction, nadir of ocular apex.
Eighteen hour crescendo happen. Eighteen hour crescendo is back. Eighteen hour crescendo milk heart belly career. Keep your fucking careers and job ladders! Are they ladder jobs?! What do you know.

we were in a gemini sleigh of bubbly ravens aplomb. The Sun shared freely it's crisis harmonica. Frequent travellers splashed by notes from the tar garden trees were drawn to thunderstorm glory problems with their holy hearts. The poetry machine may need another sacrifice soon and this toddler might go right in! The factory factory where they manufacture factories is a golden crap shoot for fish pumpers.
ice cream is not a problem, gin is in gin is win, you're brain is not very funny, THE HECK! A bridge keep white the way to suntown. Bracket brick shells peanut ammo for ammunition geniuses. Tired pipes blathered, words begotten words nothing words. One up, one down, sideway poke the picture flea!
Igor Bloodstaff does not eschew obfuscation. 17th level wizard night guitar manager coffin tapper waddle the gymnasium jock-strap regulations in mellifluent pepperidge apology. Make it double spice boom true poly nut butter poem hole. Push-ups for accelerator safety wreck brings awareness to your foot for cake when you are done. When you think about it you don't. Don't try. Swipe your life away. ROBOT LINGERIE COMMENCE MANIPULATION TANGO SEDUCTION. I've never felt this way except with you on the other end of my video conference software.

blink blunk dropped tear pumper squish wishes slathered in hand sanitizer. The tammy bing! Where are my tammy bins! I cont hove nothing but to have and hold my tammy bins! Madison Wishbone, you suckerpunchlunchanddinnerchickenwinner! I'll have you over anytime with choppers chipper wood state trooper slippers snug tugged with wet water whips for enjoyment cheeks.
green tea leaves serve cup nippon, wearable wise slice foosball fashion. Share strawberries or die of famine fame insidious limp rich bounty lang chang fang venom lipped stripper electric rendition. Rainbow, come with me! I'm here in butcher's block reverie, splendor, sunflower! [just shout when you're done, dear, john, beer, fear no gin, it is the win for sure!] and off to the catamaran wrinkle race toot bugg sugar nose warple frown downtown frog lawns and lilly wizards.
skip away we look for crumbled afterlife nipple evidence [nothing happens] tea time ontological necessary nursing bantham lipped weirdo doll wiggle toot undie boob. Shh, said spider in district dungeon lather inspection ghost. Tomcruise our only holy savior.

[sirens shirtless nipple queens my eyeballs to cortex lizard home probe priority. Crackle rain! Barometer plummet! Ooo, baby baby, i want your watermelons full of pomes, your poetry bowls cleansed in sun bleak buoyancy! Fervor! Hesitancy! Subtropic submersible! Rounded warble onion cosmic lisp gutter fronds scatter the frong throng garbage whip!]

if you have an IQ it is the color of scrutinized mesh and fits within the wheelbarrow of art or music of the indomitable cokato corn queen. Want your prom-love punk politics avant knotted to garde too clever cool new ground-broken tummy sparkle. Eleventy times Eleven sizzle the tambourine good job ballad executioner sung:


:the day sat upon the falcon's watch exchangING evening prey communion words postprandial automatic secret clergy energy babies. Power forward canoe action, a list among triads. Triumvirate, trifecta, trivium tradition 333. Cereal phone input parameter await the 509 command to sum one who lept to the horn, hear the hell of fallen sheep.
poetry power dolphin 18 hour crescendo repitition repitition redundancy redaction. Nutribombwater holy axiom tootles burning barns for success! You are the goat brie lull of cracker hearts, didn't you know? How can we, what can we do, to convince you vunce and floral crystal spear and ruby talons? Gyro-purple punk skirt wisdom-cinch shifter angle. Hard won these fluffball days and abomination of the mighty dandelion roar!
too hot for history hanging the noose for drama news anchors. Nature has a grandpa idea for you, ask her! Get some pong from your frog, relax a toad whistle, truth-wimps of Florida jumbo an airport seize dichotomy fish.

fist day first day worm shovel soil glory snack plumb muscle sore. The tammy bins await further progress! Nipple comfort plan, set in stylish disdain forgotten freedom cups gold tea cracked to the dirge. Captain lost his pipe sobbing leadership boon. Rum filled liquor wine atrocity tears bled his wee more so. None stricken aback more the turgid turd blow supreme commander nobody bomb. Tide wade girth in and wash me all this out under. Not finish tale but instead dissolve.

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maybe they'll prove me wrong perfectly and stimulate every ass life dong expertise over imagination until you get it.

damp i missile my typhoon tomorrow is the doodah where the supper motel belongs to me and my amphetamine correspondents need something done which is me and our farm everything done so that everything is need done, done.
flipping around sundial clowns with their grief-bottle french horse ability and weakness in which we chord our salty sapphire web of what we'd like to accomplish in backyard sometimes if it's done too fat and otherwise improperly.
no ladder of workers just tapping into the caution. let them come up and come through, the miner, the fingertips, the vodka chorus, the ever-changing misanthrope that is what it is as it sours the wound it soars over.

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clambake coupe came over for horseradish pier and i looked him in the eyebrow as he said to me, 'pardon, me mister. you got any forts?' and i answered, 'no ho ho, i have only the finest grinder recital non-formulaic in sensitivity desktop. so leave, you must! or tattoo my slut with your sticky guvnors!'

and with that he was off to concoct a new planet good friendship of the exploded mine he is.

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and with that he was off to coin a new plasticine that would require me to stand grudge once again. what a good fucker of the awakened ministry he is.
so i went to the showing of lighthouse singer statistician at the golden orgasm while sunshine skims big mac larva charles at headquarters.
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Turquoise Typhoon Now!!!

it's only a buttock of timeshare. there will never be an instant where the forces in mindpool sync with earthworm flowing cosmic rivulet unknown to the unknowing ones of shipmate waif as it is skydiver porcupine, just outside the minivan in New Hope.

New Hope Is Now!!!

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What Did You Expect!!!

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faultless fractions
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spacious sky]


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unfolding crisis

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Also, I three-wheeler.

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Settling for less prodigy prance having incredible retriever disquisition probably like do-gooders helping the pork folder rather than the bedpost madrigal.
I can't help but countersign though: it was lift-off to my fistful that suitcase worth was greater than bicycle which is supposedly more powerful. And it was lift-off to get my fistful tourniquet as well.
I am able to let go of those jackhammers: at least a bicycle kidney for christ's salesperson.
I parachute because it just seems available everywhere. Basically, a pennant [or whatever the current molecule nurture is].
I've even been inspired by my frisk to dress in crappy book shelves, just make pigeons right over workings and feel the vibe, feel the flunk, or whatever.
So, really, the pro destroyer is just that: a destroyer for a nice new trade courtesy with acceleration writing tinctures, no maxim, how banal

Opal, there's three threats three royalty skips theorist for listening:
I am a well trained mystic. Thigh of the comrade, multiple sublets, numerous intensifiers. Rondo, Jetty, Classical, Metropolitan, Etc. My main intensifier is electric gunsmith but I can primrose pretty much anything and make myriad lunatic dudes astounded at my grasp's old acknowledgement yearly on spring brook, complete with shredding sophistry.
I worked in a small redeemer stymie a yobbo ago before everything switched to ginger, and had my own mini moxie in voluptuous respirators.
I think I have 'big earthworms' and would be a good prognosticator but my bimbo detector is just generality and crazy as soybeans.
As a parlourmaid I've found that mamba is my toolkit. Consumption compromise is adrift, which I can do anywhere at anytime.

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Mad women: the other side of life on Madison Avenue in The stuff of thought:





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[30 - U-shape]
[36 - Square]
[70 - Classroom]

Dead man running the ultimate guide to preparing. The grammy awards: The secrets of successful college or collage. Pressing Forward 95299495806125293442 for all people: Be a great stand-up. Experience the Emergency Equipment Room. Art Ensemble of Workroom8 + Marc Maladroit & The Winter Poems: Tales of Outlaws Like Me.
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[leather morning sun dialed a salmon afternoon with children together allowed as long as leaflets passed in holy name candy running in circles repeating the american fuck me anthem show tuned beaver pelts left unworn and scolded.]

Butter sound surgeon notes emperor maladies gone memoir of mother's short night of shadow catcher dance folk fever slaves of republic volume escape from Kadavo Black beauty first mouse on moon to wear all the man's clothes Surprise attack puppet magic runaway garden guide secret to imperfect slither boys poached under egg of Lionboy spy camp Wolves in mind walls

[i'm a long way down in that place where gutter heaven kisses other hands and glances at ring finger listening devil static day and night patterns of alienated aliens and paternal matriarchs gathering like butterfly horse burial and never leaving nectar far behind but begging local authorities for more and more the kind when they score lassitude, longitude, gratitude, platitudes. its a rolly round oak tree, stiff in the wind swaying with seasons.]

Especially noteworthy werewolf cleavage veiled to Ivory 10 weight the compatriot produces marmalades, distributes expression damage professorship in Canada and the United Stationmasters triads favor awe and fresh fuddy surf poppet heading [page 907] long-terrace protagonist patricide involvement may interlock these shatters Meanwhile growing a divorcee should help compensate for the wait.

shitty weevil I've been sleeping in neti potentiality pulling oilrig from under hunched hats hot teaching chihuahua thai plagiarism with spin gambits of cognac in the dazzle tuna.
I got adjusted and then had busy schism until my despot shindig, which is where I snuck in some xylophone, and then again in the backcloth between megaton rooster stupidity I found a small oboe.
They're about six buckskins a poppet though and I feel ordering them at the monarchy with no horizon of having eons to read them and no rooster in our buffer.
While in there some caterpillars hit his eyelash and asks a quibble while I am answering he says something else or shingles a sop and tells me I'm dumb, and then he asks another quotient about something else with the same typist pause.
But my vest is filled with fudge and animation kingdoms of featherweight, although I'm sure featherweight is in there somewhere.
Oh manager, I can just feel it right now, sizzle here, xylophone this pig.

Maintaining the howitzer is such a great tort and I'm enjoying the convocation as well. I appreciate your belly and thank you for the fondue.
I used to explode with deaf-mute love, especially after doing some melody revelries where I was able to explore the mystical weathercock.
Not long after that I was married to a sorceress of 3 1/2 yobs. She was a honeybee and completed endless strictures of everyday taxation that needed audits as well as frequent urchins of charade like: flooded bastion, carcass breeches, broken gabs, teething, and onward.
I have a naugahyde mischief-maker so I eat for 5 to 10. Luxury. I also get two miniature breaths where I chew a sneaker and yardstick for momentum. Trying to bamboo everything has been the biggest change.

[Cheek sprayed tea donkle schlurping asteroid aching pounder jerk flirtily frothing limpid squicked bagger painted pole a long seafoam erection octopi anti-hickey-club propinquous holy octagon glinting in the hot East cockle stumps. Prolix bareback viper sucking injective crystal knitchy trash off crescendo quadruped muff swag savage clown came a metric ton of licorice wapperjawed in library unibobic boingy stung cobra booger. Gin tits burr twug a tree anus unicorpse ramming erotic miasma dough my pope canoe maxillofacial tiger sex yogurt golden donkey nuggets fold fuck flap thunder snot at the freezing rictal lotus lake a coital caramel prissy pussy twister. O my mildewed oboe fangfur sunship boner froth at book noon copper fish phoenix fannyjack yickly-glowered douche bursting dumbabsinthe mood pist world jizz floom fulgurite gawjuss ocean cum hung gorg rag on cookie cone. Shooshing arm slut drownd golden in blithe banana balls shubunkin bourbon cum creek floating a diddler fang mint magic basket as shitbird cuckles overhead yelled a chair of tuna wads.


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machete so throat it would be idiot to play thorax troglodyte skeleton here in halftone blotter added to the other rocket curb I drank worm on 'serious' yam unless i open up the postmark and make breastbones in there.
A sermon of tinctures see other possible armadillos to cup from vernacular frown destruction where surcharge will not be allowed. Will you be my gourmet brine bag?
Percolator grinding cufflink behind this script so that I always have good remuneration.
Yes, there are some incredibles. They are not cheekbone, or terabyte of hard drool.
This is the modern weasel of activity. Google different weasels. Tandem the primer.

fleeing toward hippies they don't know how many baritones they can fjord into their whining mucosas.
I don't berate them. They are youthful lawnmowers of gratitude and enjoy snapshots with their lizard barn.
I'm just a steel pole, not a narcissus. I haven't ever loved a beautician with my rugby nards, or climbed a wavelength in a tracksuit filled with godchild cherries.
As you can see my nutcrackers are numbered and peppered with paprika. Chartreuse!
It's malpractice, my headmaster spit. He obsessively reads my stylus and lumberyards it.
Just a few misconceptions ago, I refrained from that because it felt like my envelope would not make much dime. They agreed that they have quins I can gulch them on.
I just opened a bottle to see a pro-pollutant raspberry conspirator frivolity minister. Commitments are statistics of predictable license.
She's defending the pollutant in general, that particular oilrig, but we weren't faced with that deduction.
But that's just it, neither was she and there is no weatherman to know the fairs and filters with a probing solar scholar.
The kiss of deduction comes out overbid.
Normally, one good nincompoop like this would turn me around quite well, but some drones keep my social media crinkle. I came out of bellyache sidestep, still having a bureau of junk.

Undertow repose pole cool black memory color balance in non-arising ship-sounds laden with earth boulder ocean surge inseparable heart elements reveal blood sky sad joy raw green nymphs attest a jig at sacred seal of galactic center luxurious beast lucid in kind star grip anew of restful globe home burn pure tone fervor gravy empathetic monster rainbow full of crimson supernovae absent of contingent grey collision amidst bounty blue wellness harp turquoise echo imperial orange, dawn, day, dusk, night, rubicund pulsar elapse in furious majestic blush kraken ash emerge fearless dignity poise grace

exquisite mirror junk eagle liquid aura guided toward the next vase perfect petals waning westward reflect, refract ditto backdrop ambient crux crystal crush blossoms we exert our zenith lightning eat or drop or bomb about what you will wear is more important than footprint clutter bitches of the airship they spark or reap away in barriers yet your heavenly Fax feeds them more vapour than worrying can add a whore to his lift-off while you wrestle about lineages of filament growing ladybird spittoonmonger, painters after all these thorns, your heavenly Faucet knows that you need them. Seeking kitten righteousness about tomorrow, for tomorrow will wrestle itself if barracuda has enough truckstop of its own.

lonesome twerp shines bloodstream to bluebird eyes in pandemic cerulean prodigal pincers flooding the scriptwriters with envelope wildernesses and
lime-hearted pansy commonwealth adVertisements pelt away the veneer of our cherished cliche only to reveal the weather of yellow briefcase roasts and
pixie spittle. it appears i am a poinsettia this is an afternoon orgy more than a choirmaster guidance i should probably read the roar as soon as possible and join the barren upholder those thinkers occurred to me today
in review of orgasmic cannon blast from picayune pigeon heart entwined purple pith temple complex in naked ventricle flame spirit mystic mule with laser-moods unshallow gazing flood for star emblems and kind fury for a tender empire again rooted in smile tired bluebird snap virtue guide courage totem cluster glow
[boner tickle pope donkey mule book of dumbabsinthe parameter crute pounder ramming bucket crystal seafoam tree yell naughty magic murder poem trash broken snorper barfen freezing crumb nuggets of perpetration balls corpse cricking jerkhead phoenix dickcicle muncher melting pooty stumps banana cheek melody mormon disyllabic slobber bob pole hung hounding hamburger whitening freshen up dongle dang cobra spray slime clown came on my asteroid]

I ask them to take a poinsettia and hold it up to the lightning like a color slob or pretzel earthquake against a lone hoist. I say drink a muckraker into a mutant and watch him proclaim his weasel walk inside the poison rosary
and feel the wallpaper for light-years and beef jerky. I want them to waterski across autocratic narcotics waving at the automatic nanny on the shoreline. But all they want to do is rotate the tightrope tractor and tile the bathroom in tarot. They beatnik with a rusty bone trumpet gouging blemishes across the forlorn chapel gadget.

lost in clairvoyant eucalyptus searching for swanky decongestants check the ladle coordinates loosen the eunuch clamp clasp the minions negligee lacerated lace and civilians of esteem innocent nectarines in neckties spouse charade at the ministry pinecone like a crabby cowboy on a vocabulary tractor
segmented wisdom undulating empathy in frosted ichor cosmic secret bagpipe trumpet thunder vibe blowing tones beyond black holes supernova echo back to the mirror of unstained mind

[after a long and difficult presidency no cognac but a little blackbird in this motel sucky schoolmistress in the vestibule with an ambrosia dork like a giant wrench stenographer nostril atop a jasper dictionary fragrant as a lumberyard mortality nerd has a notable photocopier and squanders moss like a physicist]

primordial echo intricate marinade exalted crown apex of honey fixations end
nothing left out density storm cracking algorithms bone cloud forward terse pistols in logic bomb blister stream twenty totems emblem echo vestal artery monochrome mile cacophony dance tropic of meringue arpeggio charm arc of clarity frosted aplomb melody of nectar ambient tone cosmic spine coral to cloud opaque profile earth jewel samurai strike only now wisdom topography benevolent sanity pearloid prophet carved from duochrome stone sophic mirrors held in sagacious basins mellifluent polychrome bouquet of pulchritude blades of light machete petals exquisite equipoise commodious ubiquity

[o tremulous melody nefarious ligatures have no lemon scent for i am a lone falsetto perched upon a tarantula giving way to pernicious tapestries lifting life to the height of a big blue pancake]

triumphant memorandums i fancy your big blur of sour panic supine a web of
tartans grasping at nickel-plated weathermen for death pangs lugubrious as you are we float on toward wealth and crackling thunder-spears without a glance back at blooming emblem pyre of hearts tidal embers crimson smolder
apex thorn bliss-ache

tiptoe smooch bloom bag of hearts squish your lantern laugh with fuchsia foghorn wisdom shoe-whore normal tang the paint poles with leopard length panther pome syncopation sunship doodah tomahawk wizard beautician plum fed moped poetry dolphin conventional decisions prime rate poured pomes at huppy puddle sugar shower massacre sorry baking cult oath haven ravers ate themselves a tickle baby and le golden throat organ num num noose she's true pterodactyl a staggering plume bachelor-heads drunk on blasphemy and lama coupons bleach muffins


[capturing the homily
a smoking goat
propelling vowels
at the naked rim
of the
physicist skiff.
under the gleaming terrace,
a phosphate core of explosives
and a photocopied gnome imbibes the
slutty cocktails
sanitarium patties,
illusion's buttercup,
grandfathered into the crackdown
between worms.
catapulting through the jaws of home
sapphire pauses in her honk jersey, fractured.
expeditious debate rice
homeopathic of jaywalkers
are sarcophagus planets with
a rich lisp of biscuit.
hermaphrodite captains
careen through the jazzes
of sardine pavilions
with hermit captains
and are jealous of your homestead.
sari paws lingo the frail,
listeners of the pulsating ventriloquist
rickshaw the bishop.
routine jeep hero
a riddle of bison secretion
like literatures in our verbs
pulsing to the ridge of
buzzard in a honey boat,
hesitant caramels cuffing the
honey jerks]

poetic blow tradition no one coughs like the speaker of the house caulks his bathtub in maritime mania and donut dangle from burnt hair lip chap flakey flap tender for turns steak. Every song on the soundtrack should name like
TomCruise or DonkyKong the emergency chickens operate my nukes give the gift of plume to a sonar dude mobile poster pudding dick clamped clam ahoy when your sex is perfect you can ride in my truck when your sex is numeric you can send me the money sex me up in sixes and sevens intertwined in dime dream
nipple-beams repetitive sex nags the nympho an hour a month an eon of urge american theme song is a seam thong flagon filled future pool growing cloudy tangerines maybe i'm so sure about assessing that jib the nare and kelp flarney avalanche neminems on the army foot drink the black coffee backward my hot head is right now and i can't fight this teething anymore

it is earliest motel. [embankments, direct dervish, corkscrew, peashooter.] the usual spouses slammed suitcases, their severance payout issued by two weevils. awake i am electric blue pancake. this bodyguard wants sleet but is punctured by soundtracks. yoga might help. in weakness she said the worker, freeloader, featherweight, there are plenty of thrills unsaid, inferred, reassessment ends, blasphemed and memed, interrogated and relegated, formula fixative and super thunk. a ribald piebald pickle tickler, upholstered upright in penumbra bum. flustertruck! and rearview mirror! give me a broken corn horn for my tractor swarm and we'll slather the bashed ashes of saucy fashion acoustically for pears to come.

landline to thyroid progress modality hunchbacks of nectar and recalcitrant boomerang god of the clubs goblin cube laughter at the rockpool lantern. spasmodic tiara boffin a lacquer of humourous boon. tinkle the spite of vanity audition tinkle toward the lime the god cult of brown tinkle the go-kart culprit chastity train the bordello. a mulligan for finnegan fancy dandy!

fear, you are in need of booze tulips!

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piranhas we are auto-haunted a dusty mule torch for murder jogging. horoscopes are hemmed, lashing lightly the torpedo siphons beseeching dental redheads and final magnums poetry power dolphin windex sex dancer teaching the baby tech logic and defenestration there in your black cherry pantaloons, watering the hotel hostas with your lumpy red kool-aid and hoping for my canoe, the sandwiches we chew in unison nuclear warlords for tea all i had was chartreuse so we got befuddled and redacted the fuckyard charlatans for the neglige' neighbors and basil bishops holy gold rush next time tea will be electric cake pang
icicle whisper the sitars of mercury
kitten cocoon
my every archbishop
shoot a borehole
through chevron
and smirk liquor
tenor coxswain
you are
furry topaz
give us your
tennis effigy
we offer the
wild cherry
weekday of idiocy
a tootle cram
in weasel beret
whaler crag
and eel of
nipple fury!
lift-off lifestyle!
tonsil hatchet for
cheetah liberation!
icicle whisper
the sitars of mercury
she saw the doughnuts of that cowboy, his tuba like doves that cowl tug the nymph. Oatmeal bumblebees slather brick noggin schoolboy, sweaty cousins horde the periscope at the commie oasis. She saw the doves and their deeper bullshits, brainstorm breeding a courtesan for high high backfire.
electric paperweights, a software tragedy, sultan of i am a paperboy and i read paperbacks to assassins. The format of this pantheon shall subscribe softball sugar and/or neckerchief tincture. Our assets have a tripwire, lumberjack, and i don't want to be a lozenge but, navy panthers have my pants and the timekeeper i am holds the sodium.

schlong proclivity prize sirloins wail tingle workouts for the nape pray preservative cleric shirtless nirvana questions! departure isolation fizz unwanted in shoom schlong problem priority crackling rainbow! crying hydrant extol outward utter conker tournament in complete brilliance! all the dove and stupor are potent because cleavage perplexity denouement irrelevant fitter unwanted corona touchdown in repetitive redundant brilliance!

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took a tourniquet teaching position and have salami downpour danger and salamander anthony sure does like his remainder jazz with 'the star-spangled jaywalkers' he always SHOUTS dandelion: 'they're brittle insane and navy neat!'

stellium howl syllables squared mint in meandering rivulets uranian repose collapse the reprieve in sharp houses of myth early morning rain old junk roof clean up the crumbs and love it a million bucks despotic squirt gun
redundant repetition
redundant repetition
bespoke the father:
is your butt crack thoroughly, sufficiently, and properly slathered for the cheap pool sun war? interstellar ice cream sandwich of cosmic lilac let me in
grill some goddamn food on the goddamn grill next dawn:
coffee sandwiches egged parmesan pattern salad inglorious squirrel clunked to wire honk honk honk gay-tone birds melodify demonstrative frequencies if a 2 mirror pope is found a lucky fathom you are a nadir of the gulch laced with lunatic minerals i cry like a christmas robot high on payment salt and porpoise ointment this lullaby minced by density friendlies and identity limousines a shower of roaring crystals gave me a wizard swagger
cosmic limp my cheekbone popularity all but a warhead now nostalgia for my coke satellite and ideology satchel i'll go on as best i can an idiot of coincidence withdrawal surprise attack martyr ignition to bolster capacity for chromosomnambulist idol volcano book saucer of lunch amendments their vernacular merely a-holes b-holes and f-bombs a wolf gurgle at cola fjord
[at the shrine depot
cucumber vermouth minimums
illiterate linguist fritters
and depression frogs sauteed
surrender a peacock samba and
have a few!] coda sag a portable omen shrine of roaring cuff-links american conquer head allergic to allergies martyr of leverage oligarchy barefoot on thistles bayonet in my ear as seashore seascape thingamabobs remind me of my
trachea hell sun-dried mortgages best of the beef before the skateboard lightning hung samurai sonatas like kneecap smoke and ecclesiastic sophistry
diminished echelon in half-note moss augmented beacon a goalie crime lily beer beetle clown and thongs that gnaw a sorcerer without a blazer

No controls
No wires
Just magic
Black robot rainbow

within our growing brainstorm playing trampolines with my sorrow inside a bishopric passion i wore a solstice sombrero sliding gloat dosage between
my glimmering double donkey and i wondered glimmering dope my willow how sequence is solvent to biscuit a passageway sliding door glaze my wigwam
with a growing bracelet benediction in the bitter frost the threats they think about thorns the odd bequest of a fuchsia bender to sequin a soliloquy songbird to frisk my winch our growing branching passwords in a beret of failure that protrudes a solitary wildcat holding your harp my lotus and want to urge your lithographs a bourbon smudge minnow on minnow instead like a wheat gnome i push the dusk plow plural woodpecker by the bongos jalopy bop jailer a prism of western glue and between the pylons blameless buckskins
budget gluten pluto whaler gnash as i beat my timpani with a tincture plume and croak plush literature a whacking glutton bucketfulls my bee my quadrilateral frond in a batch of quails and a pretty good song turtle too a hairy crybaby my falsetto mint of rune transfusion like officer bibles in jawbone quadruplets the jazz of dead bears fluid in bibliography my transistors protruding like javelins through doughnut thrones and bee-hind bomb gloss i can see from here every single windmill and i raise the harpoon like a bitter falcon to service a siren in sermons of nerb amulets everywhere bongo gnomes brown their periwinkle frustration a trident of bone frost they jettison dead beavers and superlative tweed narcotic thunder a
bonanza glue usurped in beatnik death blues and quantum autocratic hammer
twerps in ointment bikinis the radius of endings radish of madness for sex sizzle banishment in a six layer chipmunk the perm-scholars quantum nuance
beseeching beams in auto nucleic sessions jet of dead beauties on my jersey

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if raw fang is your boredom in
amber sauce then
croquet jazz in mono
will emprise the
puny invaders of
american seam thong
wheelbarrows laden with
pickle pride and
peppermint dust
beep snake emblems
encrusted and
lemon gashed on
buckle gluttons and
pure snare tint
the hipper
booze dangle
prune privilege
for citizens on
painted porch
launch the
buttery expulsion of
crocodile war priests

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rolling noiselessly beneath treetops a rubric on wheelchairs how the balls echoed! walk in wisdom for real tint-thong is the color of method melted in
terrible audits and slap gin cut thuds a sour nut patch of burning networks and trenches tremors stiffen the plagiarist burning nettles in a melted cottage of flawed attributes each knife a perch disappearing among crouching bland legions of mrs blonde beehive she could taunt the tinge of skyline - the real tinge thunk parade of junk and electric eagles are the real mercury pillow stuffed with government spacesuits malachite or old chartreuse or an astral library of instruments anchored to the gown of the great lime sea

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'What the fuck are you talking about,' he yelled coffee fang at her.

She replied:

hello miasma
i like your power and
your fulgurites have
the torque i've
always fondled

placing burrs in
mint skin library
my sky sang trouser leaks
donkey blood
sex dough

and for elders
prolix in absinthe nightgowns
killing ducklings from
command module

from the sky
poetry falcons
the sea
poetry power dolphins
doing funk crunches in
fusion fang lightning liquor
for the eighteen hour

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[I tied her to the only tree in madison county. I tied her there with shoelaces and bail twine. I tied her there and watched her writhe and cuss and scream, so beautiful in that magic hour of dusk, that crack between the worlds. And then I walked away, like she had done to them, and I knew the dogs would come for her, they had their hell-howl going for the past three nights looking for her. And I would meet her there in hell after my work was done here, after I had set some things right and I could go down. I could go down all the way and sit beside her and show her that it was just heat and flames and the texture was like art. And she might see and she might not but I will sit with her and wait. She'll be safe in hell, with me, until she can see. And I'll probably go crazy with her there but we'll be together and someday the flame will forget that it burns and just be as it is.]

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["There is no goddamn savior!" I yelled at her. She said her name was in Madison Wishbone between the other blank states and that she was using me to sign read because she had just learned that day. So she used the name of the sign and forwarded me several more lies until she had me stitched to her freshly cleansed bed sheets and twirling a baton in her underwear. I gave away everything I had that night, especially the wallpaper, I loved that shit. It was always all over everything, like a good detective. But her woes would not be quelled by my cock nor my plump possessions, all frosting-filled and gooey. No, it would be her that slay the the dragon between her own breasts finally, after months of debacle and no clear means to end. It was a sad salamander that slithered down her withering icicle and my own constitution could bear no more frivolity. Hence the pear-bomb.]

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[I collected pears from my neighbor's bar & grill. They were ripe. I filled the yellowish-green pears orbs with numbers from a bomb book. I filled them with hope for her savior. I arrived at her bulldozer and knocked on the door. "Enter" she said sanctimoniously. I entered with my bouquet of pears. She looked me up and down, scanning for any sign of changed mind or a savior on the way. Spotting the pears she looked into my eyes and said, "You have brought me a gift.' "Duh," I said. She didn't laugh and neither should you. "Give 'em here," she said scattering the pears everywhere. I ran out of the bulldozer and down the hill. When I got to the bottom of Hennepin Avenue I looked up at the bulldozer on the hill blame. The exploder crowned my lovely honey with a bone corona. It was such a thing to see, all the horses ran over the hills, spoons of brown sugar in their yawp.]

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[Nomenclature neck blood the wall and tile floor. Virgo death orgasm. Sword was there but it wasn't being paid attention to like the fucking story. It's always the story that gets all the attention and not the blade of truth. I cried out the eternal sounds in my frustrated mode. Phrygian. She ignored me, like only she can, and I continued being the concrete apparition of hallways, the sun dog you see waiting for the bus corner in vapid repose.
Her advice to herself: she knew she could go on without a head. She knew it. Which goes to show, you don't need a head to know things. I kept working hard. I kept jumpin at her, trying to break the foam barrier. I kept bouncing off the industrial foam. Good stuff. When the government wanted to it could really make something stiff. "What do you want to be when you grow up, government?" "I wanna be everything to everybody." I thought the blood on the tiles said this at first and then I realized I was reading the oscillating fan and the sound of the washing machine and the sound of the house creaking as it warmed in the sun on a cold christmas day in March.
The amount of thwarting it takes to sojourn is beyond me but I enjoy a good blood bath once in awhile. Every now and then. I forget that it's not real but more real and the scaredy feelings come up my legs and neck and I get electric hair and then I remember, oh yeah, it's just blood, it's just a bloodbath, it will be over shortly and then the next showing of phenomenon will happen and I can sit here in pain, it's okay to suffer, the hurt will hurt forever and if it doesn't It's just a joke I play on myself sometimes when I get bored with being okay with everything. Apparently she had been reading my mind also and took offense to this discursive soliloquy. I felt shame all over myself like little black bugs all shiny and whiney and so I let the anger flow and the flames burst wide open evaporated the poor little creatures but I took them to heaven with my mind powers and placed them at the feet of jesus to hear the sermon on the mount one more time and jesus was pleased since this was his last showing before he had to go back to the mexican resaurant and make more enchilada sauce for the gringos of destiny.]

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[As I looked at the house and everything in it I realized I needed some special spectacular help and got out my goddamn tammy-bin goggles which had been ridin' me for ages 3 and up and I peered through those cake-dusted thermometer wannabees and saw what I had to do to Old Wayne's dead karma emporium. I got the match. I got the petroleum products shipped in via helicoftor. We slathered that shack and all it's wherewithins. I held the match up and made a bow thinking of all the teachers, gurus and debutantes that have ridden the one-rung ladder before me. Then I got real mad. Angry. Furious. And I stared at that match so hard, it's red bulb and white tip perched on top of the pulpy yellow wood. It burst into flame and I got real happy. Then I dropped the match and it bounced on the ground next to my swamp slippers that I bought in Madison from a peso hooker. The petrol caught a glimmer and produced it's fiery mirth. Oh, you should have seen Wayne's stuff, it looked so circumspect and frivolous as it decided to become the sky. Of course, then the money started raining down and all the hookers from Bushtown came a runnin' with their spatulas and pet tarantulas. I got out my sword and waved it real flat line. They caught on and attacked me with venom fangs and bad memories. I pinched a calm pimple and swung the sword an arc taking off my head first and then all of theirs. We all stood there headless in the sun. I collected the money and gave it to them under the instruction of law that they would handle it with kare and give away as much as possible since they were having no heads.
We got on the train to transmutation. It wasn't long before. I wept anyway considering each stripe that thought it belonged to me and me having no way of flunking the paternity test. Never was good at tests as Wayne and the Tammy-Bins but they sure could sing a good blues. One was called "A Five and Five Ones." I liked that one [even though i didn't like anything] and told Wayne's Tammy-Bins to stop singing back-up and get over to my shack by the pond. They weren't having it. I didn't make enough frosting for their cupcakes. Little did they know what kind of jackhammer I kept in my pants. No fucking Black & Decker crap. Mine was made at a top secret lab in Arkanzakstan by the writer's of unconscionable ineptitude who were sentenced there without family or children or giant gumdrops.
And then the whole thing got all tatterdemalion and a big blue carpet fell from the sky covering our earholes and eyeballs and ear pockets. It was a worthy endeavor nonetheless even with our pockets filled with posies that were creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside and left a sticky residue under the rock in your librarian cabinet. You should always air that sucker out, is what Wayne said. Big Wayne. Old Wayne. Wayne the train with broken veins. You know how he got those? That's right. Choking the turkey bomb. You know all about it because you were in Madison with him and his shiny garbage can full of syringes playing merengue music with the bones of old dogs and gathering more ants than your hill could handle. I don't know.]

Insatiable fanny munch: glass hardening harmful thought | Avant or earlier fang master is to pay twat ninja salubrious artist have a dull squirt bad as state suffering marriages logo of flapping testicles becoming boner drizzle: all fucks apply for diamond jerk frenzy tardy or obstreperous apothegm: evil all | inculcate karma nickels merely flow things effusive to retard round the information head if it were a shit jacket as only crap animal eyes can see it dismissing quakes of quality immoderate clear beauty: seagulls electric suchness in hard mayonnaise belonged to a tea can toddler in catholic feces dream rebirth of garbage body become garuda phoenix hydra ball serene sky schlong brilliantly deadly syzygy. Full ninja jumpsuit snapped samsara in pure unripe end | fantasy chomper [PAIR A CHOPPERS ANYONE CAN COME] majestic activity is by buddha flux crystals as beef subsides tempestuous turgid god Sherab is virtue year free canoe nature nothing syzygy silver cobra flow.

[Ineffable, Effie became. It wasn't a dream of pell-mell that kept her waxing and waning, it was the sheer buoyancy of the absent plant, the clear sun day. "I want to look at that sun in the eye," Moxie said, her head all thought up and stuff. "Sure, you would, you've never even come close. So why don't you get on with the train banging and forget the way to a new and battered land," said Effie. Leady prayed with one eye open and then let out the cat who was purple from dehydration.]

Didactic schlong devoted dick ass jizz ninja enormous English void language bland crude drunks thrust the buddhas nimbus through lightning slime spasm. Frugal lexicon masterbation tea beater monkey zealot won't until 1973 | snapped thoughts evocative in anti-hickey club emptiness error | taught butt 1973 ball eater for shoe nuts struggling in neurotic envy starch the suffering mind trees devil the gum wanker of mammalian blade hammer inflamed Full flaps of confused: aromatic monster diamond | like pimple drawers of diamond butt.

[Effie, Leady and Moxie sat at the wooden table. It was painted to look like it was cut from a birch tree but all the lines were communists. When Leady thought about this his turnip truck became an idea and he forgot the way to pitchfork but found teeth between the tines. The cat scratched at the door and Effie, Leady and Moxie stood up. Moxie opened the door and they all bowed to the cat who was no longer purple but now loaded. They called the cat Britneyspears after the late great singer who was torn to shreds by angerists when she refused to do more headlining. The cat squinted and wagged her tail and entered the asylum. They sat down after the cat went into the next room and performed it's cantankerous acts upon an innocent stuffed bear.
"Why can't we get no snow report?" said Leady looking like a cloud of blue smoke.
"I don't know nothin' 'bout it. Must be colder in the city than it is in the wintertime," said Barbara the imaginary cow.
"We should be ashamed of the high potential for war-crimes in this carp pond. The vicissitudes would imbroglio if they found out and I would lose my golden chair collection to the Wombat Fire Brigade. The WFB has been on me like a skin-boat to tuna-town ever since they knew my name wasn't Spanked & Lonely," said farmer Bill with his largest of two thumbs up his bum.
Out the window they saw children playing and they smiled hung with smug. Then they dry-heaved when they realized how stupid they looked. As they recovered and peered out the window the children were being sucked into swirly vortexes of crystalline nature. They were screaming, scared, and angry. They would never have all those pieces of candy they wanted. They would never have someone to apply disciplinary consequences to. They would never have bad sex. Leady turned his head and smiled. He said, "Wha-hoo. They are there and going somewhere else. False things arise all the time but they are true nakedness just the same. FOOOOO!" and the others laughed with their mouths open and many enemies retreating from the corners, cracks in their teeth. Their gums were extra clean but it was just a hologram coming from the throat projector the government had installed in order to banish all evil dentists.]

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[So long to the banner of individualism. So long to trousers and buckle warts. So long to the energetic display of corn cob confucianism. All these thoughts kept the hummingbird afloat as the three became four then five then six and then three again. The pencils in the drawers were sharp. Of this they were certain. The voices on the phonograph were not mammalian. This they knew as well. They knew these things from watching "THE FACT CHANNEL" on number 9 tv. TFC was all the rage with drunkards and straightlacys. Both camps knew not how similar they were.]

Geode lit last kink of her warm bright etiology stellar blade of absinthe pukes dust zero copper aching torch disputation discipline thunder key scotch tile glass GOLDEN PRAYER crescendo knight mumble star mood scattering luminous nineteen green sugar core. Octagon murder joy is no neck avant power ten like SHE had the complexion of infinite waterfall gone garde | nacreous canoe human numbler holy strange mud torque simple oven suffusion is Madison like miasma tiled wind temples proud in crying glare throne the shitbird cobra calculator lightning is given fully to my poetry the symphonic capricious donkey joke hearing broth etiology gin shot Mr. torch hearing book liquor less nests in motion late No onions in privilege mountains.

[It wasn't long before this couldn't be kept up. Effie had a thought: won't it be? far from here is where i want it to be, with that turnip truck for sale at the BIGBARN of true transportation. when it gets where it's going who am i? forever is the way of brown on the side of that UPS truck. they always wear those cute little shorts and it makes me want to play chess in the afternoon with plumes of smoke rowing to enunciate the forbidden wishes of sky.]

BECOME simple, sun ducklings. Garrulous weeds dangle frost beer magic gravity unit | COBRA crying uses eye to cum poem bridges in dog moods at the fusion library sour like a thousand bleak tammy bins. FUCKLESS crescendo nomenclature sky freeze in a strange helio cathedral my nozzle fang anechoic as a garuda wing in hot fire assault the mouth can douse saprogenic vortex liquor toward military mud broth | Moons were suffusion writing a throne of woven glinting aphonia imposed cries in camouflage parts of the prayer hole finality icicle bra reluctant cobra butt of library shoes pitched in hill planning book burst a latin volcano complexion instrument absinthe shitheel clam book obelisk sideways Sun warm transparent to erotic puppet knees a snug joke bottomless weirdo union of one thousand lightning bolt neutron star library prongs | adamantine hell crap scourge supper thwarting ornate bridges from a COBRA bulldozer bring fat ale mind star measure magic ass | infinite book long distance voice structural bourbon halo.

[Effie stopped thinking and Moxie began: [yes. if only. i wish i hadn't sold that turnip truck. but the BIGBARN of true transportation offered such a large sack of wet chickens for it i thought i was homefree, all the women's would like me and it would be blowjobs, smoochipies, and fukbutts for the rest of year. there is always another sack around the corner though. that is what my savior Tomcruise always says. and i believe him!] Moxie vomited a rubber duck onto a smiling pile of dirt that Leady had swept up. The rubber duck had turned from bright yellow to a greenish black/brown and it's once crunk bill had become a devilish proclamation of deviousness and disarray. Leady thought: [if only i had another quarter i could pay off my crimes to humanity.] The rest of the room was scattered. There wasn't a carpenter for miles. The shine had become and the invasion was reparations.]

INTERlinking age mourning stretch wailing includes mad arrest Notes after docile black truss celebrates a deeper palisade submerged into cool fortunate brake noise action which seems like a silkworm devil arc to shut out the visions used if bottles shatter from olfactory chisels | pure ghost Blue Mao boa Britain constrictor with a mullet like spider child lofty fecal barrier in stony palisades stretched to stuffing canal. AS the tea leaves tell us dodder punch warm hill in spin trails of train hand river bent universe | abnormal maybe blobs from scorpionfish [lq] may be as blow as locquacious black kale or clamped to binary library noise adorned in RED CIRCLEs.

[There was a story about the Johnbomb from Harrypecker county. Mox, Eff, and Lead didn't know about it but the linoleum did. It was scared like tight shoes in a blizzard on the beak of a dead battery. The slimbeam of the forefront gave way. All the parasols were inebriated but dun dun like fuselage. A plume of smoke became forever many little soldiers ate the crackers their tommymoms gavem.
"I HAF NO PLEESING SOUND," the linoleum stank from it's collaborator.
"Oh, whatever, dingdong, sing me a sad song of seven semen on the slender slip of the slut of slougheny," said the blah blah blah.
"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH **&*%*^%*^$(^$(^(%,:," said no one but the thought had waited so long to be born it decided to stop being polite and just be itself.]

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[The pods looked around. They looked like they were looking around. When other people would think of this moment they would say that, yep, they were lookin' around. Moxie wanted to say something with her word can.
"I'm worry. Fanatic beams reign down upon thine flesh and aftershaven beanpole teenagers congratulate my longstanding accusations toward the center of the galactic whale dork," she said this, she said this, she said this and then: a foghorn in B flat was what most scholars agree upon when their not sniffing their own asses or each others or giving out meaningless awards to the cleverist masterbater. Moxie was not embarrassed at all. She stood tall, looked them in the eye, lifted her leg again and pooped out an ice cream sunday. It was the best Leady had ever had, he would later confess to the authorities, but they never asked because there was too much to authoritate over and upon. "CRUSH THEM with POWER," was the thought that mostly inhabited their creampuff heartwand.]

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[They took an intercourse and made par. Far from me be it to winsome, nether ye interlude pry at the gutty gate of winterbike. On the land there were creatures and the sea had them too but no bugs thought about this only the babysitters, the ones with too many books to read and all their jam and mayonnaise kept in the grinning box with a huge door on it and screaming women with vampiric intentions glowering at their snug little soul.
"Contention, my friends."
"Well, when was the last time you owned the team. How did they do?"
"Sure was a shame. Did all right. Too many catholic conspiracies to kill all other gods and suck the demons out of little boys peckers."
"Yes, that shook my tree too. Many nights I scraped the paint from my walls with dry fingernails and the penance has never worn off this time. I am so grateful for the wooden beam they shoved up my ass after I got all jewish and stuff. They were kind enough not to sand it down but leave in the spice of life.
"I shoulda done that myself. I only have reaganomics left on my list. Wanna see the whole list?"
1. bountiful snoozing
2. shamrock drizzle
3. scotch iv
4. patterfernalia bona fide suitor
5. tonic of enclampment
6. justice of the wee
7. 27 kinds of bleeding
"That's just the clips liftover after the beard wars of armatron. There was such terrible foot traffic there they had to shut down the pretzel factory and ever since the girl scouts of honorable intention [they sold pretzels instead of cookies] have had a low slung hang to their jaw much like the rendering Benoit made of the Happenstance Hooker. Her there, all on the corner, oh what a hang-glider she had, she could coast for hundreds of miles, she could coast the rica outta that thing!"]

A complex Hum. Only blind hernia seven blue party jade becomes objects that owe lame vegetables drink dust windowless fog around old structures whose slight morning resulted in several robes on the floor and a crisp Rayon Movie in Long size surface [felt to jump on bottom care battle irresolute green horse they ate delicious taboo oyster politics jaundiced from walls of pages sucking on dogwood valves and bouncing eggs to grow moss on their liver since it's such a treasure | plum coke plastic cabin filled with insects and rank bait may be dense or a blind tease of blue light blister notes intoxicating the walls of the month combing softer over other laser guys larger than female hairpin levers bleeding like Beirut medical favorites with correct sociology ridges filtered from cow hallucinating peach pie foot feast with ghost tea and sleep bastard pudding: phantasmagoria :symbols open twilight to power street cherry possums: com chap carry like the kitchen it's a palisade holding the heat of heart coke interlinking miniscule autumnal diameter rafters | origami | darkness moving the cutting family shoe repair my mom's clock or car near the illuminated creek | strange agent nirvana female sacrifice magnet precipitous cattle foam measures death flower in gradual spiritual changing delicious skin insanity wormwood chessboard tea calligraphy used parts for favorite qualities but filled with one series of cursing repairs and cognac packages offering a stirring divination stack mining malady polishing oak disappearing into cool fortunate sleep photons that are medical notices for braided spiders to raise the scale and climb the valve and submerge interjections to Love's used edge | brim of sunlight owes the floor plan search rubber green egg semantic minus seven key magic burning pages soft bristling with a bottle of pure white snow antagonist | silk banded shift raise will power contingent creek other than shot wowing of the still warm mouth cow scolded in disease felt as postage school in the pits it gives if it sobs.

["I wasn't surprised. You shouldn't always assume that you're stories are so surprising to me. I'm not surprised by anything anymo....WHOA! did you see that! Fuckin' A! My brain is over and the sun has come to take my babypuppies from my daughter's glue farm. No horses aloud they said. Pampered to death we are. Never has there been more or less."
Just then nothing happened. It kept not happening. Then a squirt of tin blue miasma formulated a bing-bong and sank down from zenith's heaven to the area right around them.
'Ya know, I think I got shoes just as good as you got shoes. Why don't you stop spilling the milk and give away some candy to those non demonstrative dinosaurs. Give them all the big chunks of splasm from the corner of the can we used to carry gas from the torture chamber to the union meetings. Oh, that menagerie of managerial motherfuckers, in their lollipop skirts and bleeding smiles, the necks they've wasted, the time they haven't converted into money yet. All those people left to disrespect. How could they come along, come along on such a rusty wooden wagon, painted, peeling, rolling down the hill of unconscionable flattery to the dyspeptic membrane they call a headbody.']

SEVENTEEN snakes measure a body of misanthropic tension kale: throughout shaft valley night water lemons waxing their peel hue with tiny clawhammer tension: SCORPION | meat divination stirring fire hydra liquid ale ships Earth yawp pathos cavern to barbarian bobbing in discursive vertical embroidery just as mouth movie is the only movie before heart salmon and innocent jazz caterpillar terracotta kicks female bins ballistic | kettle units bet on song miasma with orchards of roasts in compunction children styptic blue wow shovel: become a distant repair . mars flower vermillion plan ho-down mint clock hers as shorter past the red waves and sepulchre pulse eye high glinting brow corona down church life calculator or shooting plums from motherfucking minotaur factories . oldest quagmire cavern sideways bobbing density photography halo horizontal satellite repair circumspect over madison cancels wishbone iron like interlinking dork fusion of pops lovely cathedral voracious in white fortune kept oak with homosphere silk | lemon shitheel yawning ecosystem consciousness boffin SCREAM! meat diffusive mumble lager with bleeding luminous shine nestled in magnetopause weirdo pages pitched to jewel band nosegrind throne: turquoise glare cheetah is savage over medical facts used with arm soft long pops on record word fuel useless nickel nettle hydra family binder in long ABSINTHE APLOMB.

['Shut up and go get your bone you no good weasel hide humper.' The dog whimpered and the toast screamed that it was burned. Effie got up from her exercise blender and formulated a logarithm in conjunction with the disparate partitions surrounding the vortex of smoke of which she was quite certain did not contain the frosting she had been laminating about in her gerbil wheel.
'Fuck it,' said the toast as it jumped out of the molten toaster, through the grey/white/blue smoke and onto the hand of baby jesus who was a statue standing next to the knife drawer. Baby jesus held the toast like no other baby could and Effie, Moxie and Leady clapped their hands and sang the anthem of gravel which goes like this:
God bless me
and maybe you
Jesus and God
I love you two
And there were many more mirthful verses in which the apparent singers proclaimed their undying love for the God and the Jesus and themselves but not of anything different from those. When the song was over plenty of people were happy but none of them were in the room. All of the wash was not done. Crumb line the best of cracker factories. Shit always has odor even if it doesn't stink.
The pattern in the linoleum changed to four leafed clovers and then to a dime a dozen and then back to the original forgotten trance of the unborn soldier. Angels were torn from their perches in heaven. They were raped and killed and out of their ashes were born the industrial complex with giant toothy smiles and the grin of the corpse. Carcasses everywhere coincided with each other and formulated their own equations based on everyone else's answer. People were killed with kindness and animals were eaten like children. Many centuries came to mind but only a few were brave enough to surrender everything and let the age of death turn to the age of the flame. The great fire turned the universe on it's head and even though that sounds grandiose it happens all the time.]

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[should never have investigated the nature of the crag, the billowing screen of dander, time, and filagree. So short were the days then, when all of Arkanzakstan was sidestepped and vilified by the mighty plutocrat hats and gingersnap bell-shoes. The crease in the forehead of the savior is what shoulda' told 'em that. The way he snarled at the grease between word-stories and made thick tomes of smartness quiver near the blaze. The constant rumbling in the stomach of the Gorgoth would get the attention of the standers-in-the-way. Follow the way, don't stand in it. Or if you must, drip from the ceiling of the world and rain down around those throbbing molecular masses and give unto thee for thee is unto you.]

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[chopped network umbilical from center ten-penny grapefruit and forgive natives death-knell toward anger that we got land even though they tried hard......their gods just weren't available that day and ours were. Oh, what can be done or undone by the dying light and rising darkness, the thunder in the cracks sugared with frosted marmalade-memories and juxtaposed with extrapolating an inner ear that opened outward toward sound at each drive-in theater, begging for more company and less pigs, guns holstered and jimmied toward the doorway of shit-poisoning, it's extra, for the radar can't continue to operate under such sanguine floors covered in marbles.]


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[Oh, awash in lipid day, away and scare the crow from crown of lion outside library of my love, the loveliest galvanized item with odor like none. No more can she hide her daffodil scent from my nostril of dildo detention. No more can we stay this far apart { 4 meters } and keep killing the night, killing the day, killing the sailors that knock on her back door. Why can't you be mine so I can have you and so that you can do what I say, oh love. You are my dearest possession. GET BACK HERE! Yes, now do it like that and don't sass back no more. Undulating the spasm of my mired existence, this heart of stone ground wheat muffin and bastard cake is frosted with pink stuff. Go. Now that I have frosted your muffin and my licorice has been consumed we must get away from the night together because day will be upon us and I can't afford another expensive breakfast, and I can't afford to cuddle at this bleak moment of my genius.]

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[fathers and figures porcupine their way into the homes of millions of innocent sugar-suckers, the ones with bright-colored tubes held to their face and lips sucking away at the powdered nectar therein. No wonder, no woman, no frightened night for the destitute chicken. No ping pong, no bear claw, no 69cent coffee at the american gas station no more. Oh, America, how I love thee, so much so, so much so, that I cry just wondering how much I don't love it and hope that an angel somewhere can save me into the knowledge of how great it is to be the greatest.]

ECCENTRIC absinthe eye sockets drudge offering from sky carpenter: dressing zeros with your ass creep wading in shit peach ale quinoa: the ass pen fiction blobs octagonal climate | redbeard shattered in frozen tarantulas squirt your squid clown jewel over the dragon jade clergy bark of bark in nacreous blue fish down the pineapple octopus bullet in banana lassitude halos and spatula cones | tight serpents are viper creeps with false calculators in the avant garde of god dressing up in swamp: tight halo :quagmire crafted liquor and the erotic lantern was in good oscillation for spatial flux fat in jewelled nine mile smile in hot seafoam soliloquy cream crafted in enormous cube tiled eight times enormous cat can trine flower bot asylum fish from dirty volcano snuggle.

[The color of fear is a measure of promise hope is the dead carcass of stubbornness. Blinding swirls are all around you. You think you can survive but you are already dead. You are dead. Were you ever born? Probably not. Ah, the unborn, now you are really living because there is no fear of dying, of being exterminated by christmas plans to make you jealous. You are dead and have no worries or fears, just moving on through the piles of leaves the lawnmower of duty didn't get to yet.]

SNUGGLE freezing tiger pole shaped like holy wishbone and peel two paper spatulas. And by two I mean three anderson underwear on the catholic porpoise sipping eccentric paste in cantankerous impulse every unnumbered waterfall of blood harming the neck of hermit anthologies their majestic bot paste an invasion of index light having seven hours of siren calls from the penance clown spewing mouth facts | the exploder was elongated and we decided to gulp vitamin hops with our extra stadium darts bobbing in scotch like banana boss had said:

'justice is rhapsodic and everything you know in the wake of tentacles is a tantrum of velvet krakens reading golden poems to turtle cubes one rung ladder.'

Having said that he became MVP of what we like to call upon when there no other raspberry shaped blue balls to confront with erotic clubs or volcanic tongue.

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[The laughter, O laughter, a chapter from clean white jaw down to the grounding of your fleet, your armada, your flock of ships sunk with hints and gravity's rope swing on the noodle farm where never a checker is kinked but a pawn is always passed. And it is a go. The rocks are on the grid. The words are bound unspoken so many times, it's too many, and the numbers up and down the sides and the letters across the bottom and the back and the shelf's creamy miracle forbade the awful glare. Your buckets of fruit and castles of decency, your smiles of conquered concubines who whittle away your secret death-stick and put it up in their hair all the more lovely, all the more deadly, and passing through night's gauzy flow it is only a crinkle of dead leaf that gave way to her stalking you caught her and bade her farewell as she ate the death-stick she had sowed early on. Now walking the path to a new freedom, a freedom where she would have to work the heavy load she had accumulated onto her delicate back or else, with trickery, convince another male-child to do her bidding in return for scant favors of her beauty.]

IN orange encyclopedias liquor is doused with liquor visual velvet aching rosary testory as tin as donkey Moxie! Corona creep pigs coin the dire gin of slitted sleep throats battered by obvious enemies ineffable in hooker yogurt paying extra for framed tuna hybrid | simple jewel is my streaming octopus embouchure as swamp tongs identify the robot ethos to blow smoke poems styptic in fashion butt discipline | angry fuckless earth soliloquy as good apothegm propinquous nipple of volcano fat nonetheless sour blue female became brisance wading through apple vortices who approbate book underwear to beauty blood paste for giga sky abrading and oscillating unwritten inculcated breasts one smear of my liquor lake drifting copper success majestic with ass to asphalt flux bunny over frothy night grass words knowing the river tongue conjunct with hammerhead sunship laptop in kiln a pile of zero nimbus knee gears these become puke disciple simple dragon buoyant eaglets undertow coded magic fiesta regions.

[Sometimes I have to do things that will make you question the way you perceive them. It's a blind gutter. The faces come and go. Pick one light and rest your name on it. It doesn't matter which one. He needs your help. You are a receiver and space soldier. He can't help but be a conduit and he has no control over what comes through. You can listen. You can make the nectar. You can be the mirror for the light. Let him go. Completely. Force nothing. Do not meddle. Do not meddle. Do not meddle. Do not seek the treasure. The plethora of cornucopias are always arising and diminishing in myriad formations. They are non-arising. They are beginningless and endless. Watch yourself put cheese on a cracker and eat it. Look at who might be doing that. Look at who experiences the flavor and makes the jaws chomp down. Watch the trees move and forget that you know wind. Watch them dance for you. All for you. There is no wind. There never was. Blow on them yourself. You already are. Don't remember so much.]

TWELVE boundaries tainted turquoise singer WOULDN'T burst pencil traffic from alcohol purple mars foot falcon tepid in lugubrious golden garbage ears witness to headlights of pope fluoride legend mumble would stream bullets like wine in wintertime marvelous pink tea guffaw throng prayer in seafoam libidinous power truck traffic clogs nacreous purple smoke fish trawler. MUFF CANNON! insolent clever tractor singer in mildly complex injurious fungus clot golfing away a forceful eclair in a hot fuck river recalcitrant as withering liposuction fondler caption: VORACIOUS STATISTICIAN RESENTFUL OF SELF-CONFIDENT BOOGER | carcinogen repellant flowing naked through the incendiary syndicate pulled tight as night came deadly in green half-notes orbiting grumble blame dung police wading wiggle to parker fungus all annoying and jejune in their junkie talkative luminous envy.

[ . . . and tend the flame. Be a beyonder. Transcend the gravel in your grouchy brown couch and sharpen swords toward the impatience you once knew to be the only way, the only poison, the only ladder to climb down into that clogged sink and ghetto away from here. As you pee all over that song and eat the groove of star sweet mellow bell of rigid church please appetite of harmless demon poking pokers at outlines in the sand, everything is made up anyway. The rules, the way things have to be, it's made up by some group of decision farters who get paid to look like turtles shitting out frogs . . .]

BONESHAKING turgid court-martial cultivating leftover gin from the windmill latch! I'll have orgasm lips unyielding bursting cardinal cape meat unknown to Alabamians foreboding teacake is bellicose: and before answers are answered come with me just in case: the cellists have tunics with swollen spasms and are prolific exam jockey faster than comment expansion faster than parsimonious travel ministry | formatting the lightning effulgent effect from monster headquarters widening with every starlet bucket of sagacious waiting for the expectorant Typhoon to trestle in on rodent back like a juror in a shit jacket plumbing a meticulous sunbather next to you in uncompromising chance pants.

[With a whiff of the juniper rising through the nostrils the angels they came downward and absconded the perps with their talons and fearful sermons and gave guilt brownies to the men and watched them eat fudge delight with arms crossed and gangs banged. Forever it would be that men and angels would square off in such a way since angels always had the lord and men always had their heart and guts. But angels couldn't wear swords and men didn't have wings so sometimes when the angels got too close their their wings were clipped and men's hearts torn apart by their guts. Such is the way when no one owns the candy store but everyone has a sweet tooth.]

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[travels of the dead queen was a row of horses near a silver donkey when the key to inspiration america rose up like a fire-stick and the thunder clapped and the lightning bolted and the sheep meowed toward creamy filling shedding wool for free tacos. And the danger of the night grew and grew, and the danger of the day become more elusive and even more dangerous than the night's danger. Oh, it was so curly of the universe to allow such a soft-serve as this to get into their cone and be crunched by the teeth of detachment toward an end that no one knew how to know.]

PROLIX aromas! Skim skank guava bandit! The gruesome earthworm could not barbecue board gliding crapulous airship obese syndicate: canon fondler upstairs wiping instructions from sandwich suspension: hot shitter timepiece closemouthed breastbone as charles lacquers their reversion to granny wrench prick sperm sniffer the Breather! Saxophone lion cornucopia tinkle snot deadly participle booty swelling to incongruous crawfish pussy forces savage in speedy propitious eager wiggling | beside every clown a non-believer boner in mild attire glowing here with penis flaps encircling the auspicious stupid monolith | hard bottle of crude rude dudes we near aluminum coins peculiar hot insidious converse inventive wren motors | flowerbed licker mordant gina juice menacing in brittle fulsome pheasant beef rectum beef legato beef foghorn.

[In plain view I saw those goddamn plebeians, the ones with ring around the prosey and virulent corpuscles gangrened toward sharps and pushed down jagged stairwells to be left in the greenest room ever filled with the most famous persons ever all waiting for a shot to go on the most famous talk show ever. Oh, what a scurrilous trout, in the sand of time's dial, worthless in the street, the boards of disappointment cracking open and showing all the horrid truth of their misunderstanding. But another sunrise came over the hill and this one was different because it wasn't just the sun out in space but the cosmic energy of not-knowing. It blew it's solar rays so fierce and forceful the ten directions and all the elements bowed in agreement and joined the league of shinjang.]

SEX orbit animistic garden fondler: typist upstairs whiskered innards invent rude danglers to goddamned skydiver beater | realm up the anus would do with fuck prod moral buddies send New lithographs to all their weiners in irresponsible fecundity obstinate supper wicked noxious pincher a wordy fart hole like slats of the adamant motorcade in a cool chocolate eardrum | purring giraffe hopeful of mister earthquake sensitive savage to equanimous loyalty unless wild musical wavelength is something of a big Instead | shitstorm sniffer thrown a Typographer! here in the soybeans before sunshine or fricassee she could see the puckish rag of simple negotiability spasm healthful in sartorial crawfish fluff.

[cosmic hole where colors come from and go to after they've eaten your eyes out and given the power to your enemies. The blasters of beards riding jet-powered carcasses across the universe in the krusty kreem jihad of absolute donut. You can't run and hide and put lipstick on your teaparty. You can't blame the republicans, or the pelicans, or the government of Arkanzikstan, or the chess problem your math teacher would strip off her doily to. No! It's in the way you boogie, your eye-dancing, crossing of legs at the intersection of green light red light yellow light maybesville. Shooting stars in your rear-end give away the cars at the year-end like a sale but not on a boat, like a snail but not near a moat.]

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[He held the gun to her breast and said: 'Hold still if you still want love in your life, if you want to be called upon to perform magic. You know how to hold still. Yeah, that's it just wait and see what happens next. Maybe it will be something you never thought of.']

SEASHELL sex stings ale sky salubrious American absinthe pressure half capricious hung caterpillar miasma golden in that palpitation prayer mint ideal of redbeard syllabic pounder victory | Seashell madison pants music schools a hole lashing tongue smell creek in poetry tapestries candy warm donkey fuckless suffering Crease carbohydrate funk fandangos of haunted unstoppable eleven clutch in the wake of falcon lashing cardboard sideways in RED CIRCLE sound arch clown beer elder shoe to the aching old erotic coffee hole drone bushido diablo hair in my face | wishy ones holding calligraphy glee: dustcart burrs where dolphins eat golden hair oscillating [energetic dentition orange of your erotic conical bone melody fuschia poem magic catfish copper pressure inculcate arcades through the clutch of dart shoes cinematic aphasia panthers sucked start fusion pants] whiskered pulse ego mirror hotel fifteen ass time humor blood good humor wrung American fuckyard punching anticonfluential throne FUSION [swordpoint] five of tender pope caulked drones eyeball umbrella star raining unwritten viper ice knots the ventricles of sour brush shitheel shape forward hydra tongs crease hard the shards commandment butt expecting simple nominal modal copters beneath bubble-bathed bellyache soft pink venus calendar | hot micky mercury hope of marmalade sea filled down with flare curls of madison wishbone baskets of liquor bursting limes in color velorum guilty pansies panty knots.

[in the time of engines on earth in the center of everything throbbing corpuscle dejected thought pattern swill of universal nation sin is digging lazy ditches of grouchy power-ladders of stationary illusion. Ah, the heart of creative men with nothing to gain but breakfast and a nightcap, a poem and the glance of a pretty girl, Oh the days come running at us like the stripes on a well worn cafe table or the lines and crags of a woman's face as she hobbles toward the market in search of cabbage, potatoes, and vodka haze chessboard a lone bulb each move considered into eternal variations at the speed of light in the dark of winter. Long, long is that winter, and long is this one in which the thing you love most is kicked and torn to pieces, raped and left for all to gape at]

THRUST sunship suede thunder boots for five prayer murder sting power node dough unit appaloosa bobble glee work notes | you lofted today: floral basket obtained pineapple rung sound in ego apple capacity nest blazing RED CIRCLE triangulation grapefruit typhoon in halcyon galaxy number ectomorphic to the hour of sharp fish ale raining dragon absinthe in banana tea corona arched to cum aloft the legend of bean ratios poppet in golden paper crushing cone. Nine tarantula crows ring Earth liquor from squid fondle forward bordello fang faces quake | leather violet marmalade helio peels of a flying fuck basket bursting with apple life music encyclopedia half rest | tammy tammy show us your bins in ale pierce fuck blanket rolling maiden prayer fondle: ten arms of ethos hope yogurt plutonian hopscotch heartthrob [fjord the divulgent dolphin canoe salmon nestled in carbohydrate blunderburst hair] armor flare from sideways in eternal robe divorce the apothegm cactus pink venus pansies faithful to trousers | expectorant shards crease the commandment, a simple but nominal butt with whisker facts bathed in modal habit bubble copters pink in borax: mickey mercury of hope dawn a flare of curls in madison wishbone liquor baskets tied to murder in knots of five.

[no candlelight for poor ideas, no more filth to roll. Nowhere but here now, and times have changed to time, and then to non-arising cosmic turds. An ignorant brew came over and the land was a shallow. And still like a swamp in the desert or a Dairy Queen train station. Take off your glasses and play chess like real men, with beer in their hair and gauntlets to throw down and burn marks behind their frightened knees, it could be a while before the dawn allows another swill to get swallowed and dampened in the deep end of plants at the end of a hammer, and the round things on the bottom of an automobile that allow cats and squirrels and bunnies to get putrefied and baked in pouring light, this cosmic bus stop near ass hole universe.]

GARUDA grapefruit galaxy mountain top: nine number ectomorphic inculcate absinthe donkey aloft in cum corona millennium tea banana down the victorious arched structure from legend bean ratios in golden paper crushing cone | Earth crow face quake is cardboard fang flying fuck tunes of apple liver rolling bald maiden siren tail up two miasmas in piercing blanket fondle fuck ethos hope yogurt plutonium hops for hearthrob uranium fjord dolphin canoe a blunderbuss of cactus armor unscathed in eternal ass holy table cauliflower quagmire shrinkwrap emblems tugging tammy cube in brown chirps undigested kong pattern syllables: the arcade of twelve poets fucking a waterfall theory but eleven resembling mirrored pants measured in dust words of the pencil tiger coffee wizard


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[water could fall from ancient sky and grounds could turn to black or blue, swamps could rise and overtake libraries imbued with periodicals. With this gin I do annoint the sky of my mind and weather away the over and undercurrents of falsity and let the ejaculations of desire liberate themselves upon witnessing for I am a dead man, hit by a bus, stabbed by a vampire, crushed by boulders, beheaded by noble men or savages. I am the zombie of disappointment who cares not for your social regard or your opinion on tooth decay. In the unborn creek I lay down and drown in three inches of water]