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spin binary white text into the void and swim

step inside one empty room.

some chordless vibration hums out of earshot; it failed vigorous testing implemented to explore the accumulating effect on affect, yo, your dodecahedron eden torn uninvited. the spores lingered on fingertips slowly, but the device was still imperfect. it ran day and night uninterrupted by poached fishscale simmering ageless, eyeglass spinning. delirium. they wondered where the wisdom lay in the infinite sequence of temporary pattern presented plattered. they sought it.

everything is edible inside the soup. carbonated inaction, no stress. the last remaining noumena. approximate backlash terraforming the hob's fungus. echoing misery still, dimpled grid; gravitational forces stressed. the device moved stagnant. yellowing papers flutter past in a light breeze.

may we die in a pointless fashion.(?)