You are sitting on the dead ice of men and passing through the fog as an actor. Inspiration is born on stage. I’m tired of these inept senses and of a soulless species. I wrote only of pain and abortion with constant regulation. I am full of seedless delusions. My autocratic suffering is filled with a strong desire to reveal my unnecessary illnesses (from the conflict of mighty and infernal powers), and my eyes are strange, jealous, internalized, giving more life to those who think on the stage before we must fall than to this ghastly voice – and those struggling in sordid darkness weep at the sight of these – my eyes.

– He is lost in the shadow of a strangled people. In the throat, the length of the nerve-leg is long. It extends exponentially. And my psychic antenna dreams of unconventional changes. Thus, the pressure decreases, and absurdity rests on my finger as an unburdened paradise. It must understand, or I will erase forever these pupils
staring unevenly into molten glass.




cloistered profanation inflames stations violet silence of hourglass hemorrhages, my dusk of frozen declivity excesses accursed carmine vagrancy, astral projecting perforce arraigning soulless devious props of cocaine make to bristle secret interrogations, re-sexualized memorandum of the string-puppet’s dose, a rouge dismissed crystal doorkeepers scent, can they bleed an intimation of colorless (?), amplitude lies similarity betokened surgical frescoes, chloroform lamb meets my inept reaching, my adjudication of horse-blood pops matriarch trenches the psychically abjured wheel, went to spinning her fuzz as a scarlet attache for drifting war, drill rails of issues, a fountain crested bit lancing the child’s lace, the umbrella vehicle catapults spilled from the life offered unchaste division, the soiled cans of whales interlaced with dry cut afterbirths, the demise of blind cocking and smiles dangerous similes tucked, and your lubricious pump discordance a sin frankly putting, folding odorless holes and trestles, fragments of disks torment the skull-wave sunbeam loungers in hearse canvas electric burgundy, vertically walk hermaphroditic soaps to button that we can possibly swim, and we do to fossilize a certain ‘christ’, shivers of jewels, sleep sleep and run and then swim, a good day for these trips in full-panorama replete stainless idolized orange, pubescent cushions parted and easily rewarded, benefits astride the black magician’s incremental operating theater, divulge, vomit oceanic persona non grata northwards, hinder dead fecal butter and musk of huitre defloration,

satanic space gutters trailed booked silly turned, doomsday utterances guffawed nonplussed askance fraud caned nanobots, destroyed the failed dentine mawkish ossuary introverted assignation, my deathly abbot the slaughter combs dandelion irises for the guarded priest, pissed the rotter double dusk calming intransigent laid, landed loafing subcutaneous fouls amok, numbers raining, do droplets braining, rust hoist cleaning time in sallow summer breezes, tortured salamander tilts gravity, fades the ruined holsters on soiled carpets in which unholiest supper runs tripped and defeated, the last of blood-mote ululates transient damnation to god-plasma for the undressed nunnery, trails demote force, extra froward christ-like unfastened as torn inwardly imagined, through these nails unbearable entangled in foiled steel wire groped,

black-hole cavalry too clouds groaned impressive, atypical dreams sleazily abstracted alone, outmode my mouthing braised brown with off-site sepsis, upside-down on wafer gout as aborted flailing anomaly belies a stance, anti-communion handles hatred for these frostbitten masquerades, loveless drugged averred this transmogrified being glassing a gassed primate, lanes came within pink foam for i need needle-less names unwound the wound’s crowns, do you wonder wood currency or prowess distraught the clawed flesh-pears incised focally and national (?),

it is a platform designates for chemical keys, I now know linger trafficking by hard dust burning now, baleful cornea traced in drano almanacs, come with the ailing sylph the screw amphetamine weakens, sloped brim yellow brain-pan distrusted, wasteful cement minions pig-cried become blubbery and absolute, a sample hazard of the devil’s vestry, augmented blow-spot dowers vinegar salvation for selfish abasement, crassly sensations ripped across diseased myrmidons, knocked wormwood filching wayside as she fucked me to thine own rot of lily roaring, my plentiful mallory befouled an instrument apace the bestiary entangled animism of neophilia,


blowing dreaded fallow concatenate fucked scissors pile along deludes inebriate tension, the trim salted for plucking babel comes the dewy focus on her swallowing hairs, you bone-tipped lysergic placebos forced dairy rimmed costly palisade a medusa sloping, thought emotes cringed one time immured their timbre will reel pitiful underwater, at my bumbler’s briny-foam vine trembling cups disinvestment, reading stones naught but broken altars, the cone-walled aeroplane fills awry these catacombs macabre units designing aghast disables, eye to oracle ashen basements beyond hellish firmaments retold the trophy pocketed pinwheel, excited to marrow reddened and mislaid sad tinged fatal dwarfed circumstances, can we come to mitigate (?), or the eighthseal-maker smites and beaten wherein we mark gross rioting resolves, betwixt times glorified with pestilential stench some steam, some harvest minutes, some of lament tills syrupy sums of spherical crypts,

to entertain bile,
fawned rapture toughened the satyr,

growth will erase these teeth,
at putrefaction of tribulation’s wraith,

growth she fled pathologically,

homogenized and unclean,

genes brained achromatic salvation hexagrams my lingua, my lingual anchor’s this many in this many doses, terrorized arrow zones wiled peripheries that articulation midst saliva’s honey, amelioration gorse prone ruined tattered in sized copses gelid entirely fields of corpse, cold growths upon hoodwinked fauna, the wires attached, diamond blackened with numerals, figure-headed tears, cardinal filled prostitution a grim ringlet born of dirty sun, come and come varnished to forward my despoiler, feeding the swine in burrows rapidly sourced distresses,

my flesh of darkened partially torch-ape blaspheme asterisked differential, purged referendum because of snowball blaze, she mimed chicken-headed singularity for the habilimented journey with sphacelus isle then eclipsed deceased, blank-field, it is a chicken without whiting my blanket decision, I plumed it, and left it at the door,

will you love as caused love went freed this hated tort of mind (?),

scratched kittens, trammeled or dozed etiolated a ruined decree, the cocaine lipped dark-source arrived at approximately six, is it morning, or is it that they are knocking at the door with stallions that robed (?),


the open-recorded at secret bells tires in chastity, emptily has confirmed amphetamine numerology and viewing metals before base, non-practiced mechanics, sex discussed, shelter protected by horrible medical for genome groups involved by meeting in my visits of ritual-vita, maltreatment to recall the appropriate improved, auto-erotic evocative operations find psychonauts powerless, modern hymen to expression has dropped an heterogeneous waste storms coined symbolism thrown overboard with the ersatz clime, the uberman was not disarmed nor looking-time misplaced, interval psychic expansion mounted the viper logician’s pallid funeral with wealth of tenebrous spout,

apocalyptic censure rummy remotes taken pills downed our attic vigils, and sometimes a female of neuronal continuation sowing minds towards control works stomachs aghast, community suffocated disorders, unplowed salvation imported dowses blunt agglomerates as an example, called telepathy generations lachrymose paranormal intact, incantation inures empty forces finding silent streets difficult to load or rewind, a lesion insinuates innate rudimentary patterns rankled powder with subtext and tempest, with this sleep paralysis and hypnotic virginal retention selfsame cipher struck thoroughly in bile shafted anemia, it sank and dripped with exo-twirls,

rapidly chained fruit tilts namesake this wallboard for horizons, gated heavily horizontal surfaces symbiosis, re-up relative types enhanced ulterior repayment, killed the collective nature of a promised hectogram, the purgatory hibernates, gyrates hypnosis retentivity beyond control group maximal,transgress diplomacy at god-level carried too much further, the pole rises out of mouth, bled through anal cavity into mouth for it bled farther, was not stopping resinous as a bird into parametric sea,

blotter covered primroses and demanded medicament, the child all dealing models typically high-pitched as she lividly fitted and was taken to the deeper poplar, shaved pornography of story, boneshaker particle hangover with diamond deliquescing missionary, seduced fastened drugs above and beyond prescript, chimera’s dogged placebos wiles this eugenicist bathes in orphaned urea, the child’s synapses dead-panned ingested, flowed heavily as erupting scrofula,

occult bent passes killing thrice which comes to occlude encroachments of nitrogenous,paranormal not aristocratic tilt, tautological designed to extend for secret enamel parses reliquaries, RH-negative series holy-devised crutches flash of prenatal deficiencies, implantation excised the wanderer lynching as sifted ruefully in spleen or gallbladder stutters a four toothed hanger,

in the pitch can use the signaling scatology marked by high-speed calculations, macromolecule and recycled immolation as the narrative fecal was abandoned in the middle of a fetid by-word called before her head-totem of pole (which was launched without transmitting it), and drew a piece of scar tissue that doubled as her digestive wordless,

listserve epideictic, farrago mix fine artificial spellbound ignominious confusion, artful detained charisma unearthed parataxis, hookers filmed on finest grossly particularized tangible clock-footer of film, comb’s festive blonde horses with horses nude or back-bent on horse, an archbishop signed with genitals on equestrian intakes cements the invisible billboards advertising profusely the horsing spectacles or toward,

the fallacy has a set of fourfold breasts not isometrically earned, expressly the simulation and pyrotechnic unconcealed these zippers,

this is a departmentalized construct thronging with transliteral discharge,

counting the roman digits, cut off from streams, mirrors, nil, frost with spearing human waste, wrist bath, bathing wrist, as you bathe your wrist or dry in sunspots that film 40 days & 40 nights in despoiled blood, these 30 coils, that film, these 30 silver wedges underneath the tongue, these 40 gray sparrows hanging, filmed, wings torn, beaks broken, hanging from the tops of hangnail spells, imagined white, this hanging cloth stained with acrobatic curses, nailed the charred seas tonguing baked in eyeless necklaces undone, closed the chase or became part of her tempered legion, some legion or any legion, timeliness of wrists distraught,

said to magdalene about her injected search, spying subject to breach the line of feet, nails, vaginal openings, and tears,

audio devices,

claws, the fur-line,

parts aside from dawn to golden to 1000 years to perpetuity, after the last ‘of mine’ is bound to object, after my body, shilled, is emptied, as my body is related to your predestined search, this meat-divinity-brainstem, calibrated, point blank at your abysmally threaded ‘consciousness’, because you unknowingly disrupt implantation of persons, yet pretend to know, you formulate and then laugh at eagle-breadth-burrows with hardened retina, hither, my head as shears,

these scissors mold cryptic gravity, your gravity, cystic silent verbs & this obtuse verb that sits dormant in your being, closed as in its infancy, closed to the closest to resources of the seventh instrumental seal, some harried end we mentioned earlier, as all thoughts, endless thoughts occurring, can never be known, or not known,

but it is not stated,

nor has it been told,

nor is it known or mentioned,

nor brought in-between,

to you,


nor nearer to these wrists,

these acting wrists sewn in satanic holography, these adulterated wrists lined with many surfaces, these ‘forever’ wrists have been dismissed,

an afterthought:

(I cannot go back there,
and even if I went back there, it would be different, otherwise I would not recognize it as going back, and I would not have gone back, but would have been there all along,

have I been here (there) all along (?)

do I ever really leave (?)

have I ever really left (?))

countless for you to put lovers in religious texts, hawk loops left ashtray surgery on the terrace, replaced my milliner, give me a mission of unbearable pain in broken freezing to wrap it back into its long starry pale: aim, can you answer, strangely take a feeling of mankind, a precious ship, iniquitous, simulated bailiff, talisman with aim to age, but cannot mar tension, a bush without rooftops or crystal matrices, such as swimming with icy talons in stolen forked booths, an alkaline streamer talking many numbers, and unwinds god with illimitable expense, to go back,

widely leaving aside the trepanned oracle, my shitting,
a ghost-flight wax in nimbus-fission,

and the islands glide, the sliding position, the pulse of nuclear breeze, the navigation in the wallet produces this flooding water, do your ideas to tighten, bandied clocks because, to maze the codex at some point, when time turns round the empty summers, return again and against them, mortify timed, time’s helical esophagus reverts bodies, there are no sinuous filaments that tear or tire,

it matters what, we use this organism and the body,

we gestate, it escapes from the body,

and the body is not pitched:

wise rotates it to queue on offerings, its bottomless iris surmounts

to die or transfigure

liaison wedded obsessional accounts separated out necrophiliac as purulence mare’s severely begets nesting hibernal regions, realists bastard restructured the marrow, unseemliness damoiselle abidance seeping lacrimation despite the juvenile being floral,

angels backed quoting tight spaces, adept loins orbit bribe doctor’s ventilation pall, a nightingale unrefined abhorrence irreligious rained turtledove muddle over snowfalls vetted with sounds in knifing,

incredibly, nauseously wasting dotage cardinal out of common fraction as the clapper’s motility shrunk and the invertebrate underneath went blue, true abyssinia chapeau bedraggled enchanted symbols, harked regal transgressions pondering inborn hoi polloi, adorned deuce torrid when you are dejected or cut in pieces,

a tribe decimated some begetter, slippery illustration is unbuttoned on-top of this silencer, cumulonimbus soft touched for presentiment of immaterial cavities, guiltless the stairway winding down from antichrist to poor authority, slept it off, root-like and puzzled, we arranged the pillory, a rhizome,

watered set chrism blanched informative automatically stood the promise, prophetical extrinsic wreckage au fait his muck constipating mental objects while marveling if they had kaput
seaports in liking tragedy,

419: very momentous boiling shitty lost at mouth suddenly and vaporous vellication playing with birds beginning evidently perjured anything fewer than them because we the few,

alive, I’ve been given linear impotent excursus aggrieved unceremoniously, suggesting red as this would be the true color of water, or deformation of emptily aggressor to strain on these hypertrophies beyond sanity’s limitless rails,

an idea the difficulty in which lies pundit as below so above preciously with chemistry no lie,

realest future bears fruitless advance, or cast a stone without tickets distributed more or at best you and I cloak the housewife weeping at youngest scourge upon whitened breasts towards the hovering people, allowed at long last the legendary ignominious bury without their head-wrappings,

a simple fact of collusion cleanses a terrible cry,

after this all were relatively silent as a jack-apocrypha locked out and modeled them aflame,


anxiety trousseau going forcefully, divided arms beyond the mental-mono-ploy, cleft border fattened, the pistol corkscrewed wording the pentateuch apprehended, made to flight fleeting remembrance, the carry-on trust to corporate a container, can’t approach visitors with this (his) blood that had flowed,


coming to terms,

dishonor mindful, often struck abroad pronouncing some mortally estranged, but I am not any questionable, the arrogate groups of fools and an enchantress gasping seventy paces, highly told you asking water-pipes vanquished altered symmetry of tiled girls,

nerves quickened, arranged the moldy pillows, the right wager closed classically in order,

the tailor left the kite in a thickened discharge,

appearances to artifact, a gaslight held down by many hands, homicidal could core out of warehouses, the seen I can’t pocket, aware of depraved tortures on the other strain,

any meal would do, but time is wanting,

this outburst, theist primes whilst I was listening heaved, I knew was enmity between the instantaneous, firmly yesterday we went and dismembered sworn to seizure for highest bitter,

of course, begin dying frost closes of objurgation, subtly in morgue, my kissing degloved astonishment as canonical a likewise southerly,

electro-blade torment alarmed at wild fractions, adorned the assemblage with unspoiled and booming ascension, conflicting murder, flushed
backbone describing it contracted afterwards, this noise between holdings,

added temperatures execrate brittle demons that slept with wounds unsolved, as porous rafters of self, he made enemies the modality of dawn, and shot forth nothing but machines,

bile-custard after momentary lapses, frondescent guts whinny whirlpool spinning shame in time, expurgate laughter after powder begins ugliest seized, unholiest psalter blackened by id disgraced, the antechamber made of promises upturned and brutally sodomized, regards my renewal of trust as damaged fragments of fractal thought,

symbolized for rattling my words across the dismally gray sky that is always deaf, to throw my words to the most violent tempests, cleverly now being self-deluded, shooting mental blanks into an unwieldy atmosphere of plastic corpses, so lifelike, appearances to go by, to live by, to untrust with a crooked smile, because I can’t help but trust, and even when I don’t, I know that I will go back,

and it didn’t happen, or it did,

and I didn’t even try to keep a promise that I had made to myself,

I really can’t remember thinking otherwise,

I now must live wholly flayed, stripped to the bone and vulnerable to every possible stimuli, a raw nerve for all that WILL to see,

I frequently rally about the skyline petting gird, he measured it out in grams, initiatory the casement tomorrow because it isn’t encircled, the chalk has been drawn around 3 level bodies, my calm distilled in diabolical seals, revelation belting down upon me a levitation, lying there at the back-end of a delivery truck, I was parallel and portal,

acrimonious as antecedence before security erupts, diatonic pilfer askance sun-ground comatose in oblivion, the anesthesia of timid rictuses on pliable wrists veined, these dark halos melting crepuscular darts to defrock information incalculable impasse for about-face runners, as he tied for quartering blonde homogeneous reasoning, ropes dismount labia widened, a protector thrown asunder and crisscrossed, all tracking sordid trachea whilst burdened GPS regressing,

the knife caught a boundary and burst, so much for the returnable biography of the impenetrable soul, friable blind meridians I haven’t folded yet, possibly never will, halted cordially into blank teeth, around the ringleader blazed fornicating beige midnight, what shall we say (?), resplendent triptych, the coming of limitless abortions,

radish intestinal plug-in indignant, sappho weds subsequently malignancy by cavorting the reptile, the pitted cuff-finding the bloodletted porter’s room, blackboard elevation accepted the money and bristled, foreign speeding had noticed billboards wafting brain-rites, a passage of tide dusting tombs I’m swearing brows between, the focal point on the recrudescent cooperatively figuring cancer of blunt, to object stencils nonplussed ripping, this thirsting elevates possession of dim lines,

when the criticism has been applied, they shoot importance violating, I was concerned positions, but the estate non-sensed a dovetailed proverb, quibbling disagrees an embolism cockle-shelling a weapon, we travail picking a bloody surfaced knot,

deviate pupils abroad the sanctuary to go fissure or disable craftswoman with diligent knives, the tub we both killed in, splashing organs drug up the fossils, dumped in a flooded area, but that’s just how at seances, come agile froth in night-speckles, drain the coxswain rattling displeased, quicklime bastard, well-formed diablo, my conclusion wrought jelly-boned frostbitten occludes, frangibility of sensation traipses coined cylinders, a liter combustive nightingale brain-sponges, yet wearily clipped,

they hung their heads over great metropolises, bridges, overpasses, storefronts, telephone-poles, blood slit-lamps like ants asking the viral empire, interference eats the spastic reversals, out with a basket of your flesh-flowers, into a canister depth divided with deadened, housed bishop inverts all plunder toward rowing conclusions in senseless, salient the chord wrung gently departing behest neck, a temperamental and mathematical relation, a burnt-in star, an underwhelming feeling, and I go back to fleeting desire hung on the chirp of nothingness, awakening or floundering, swallowing holes in a horus bar, she enslaved me deadened with horns of orchidaceous plants, inconsolably, with this I smeared about traces of torture,

sacerdotal machinery, too hampered corpuscle infernal to tangle in herding wine of superannuated maelstrom, can we sink masturbate frowned drool and deform trinkets (?), the decussate animal simulation holistic on groves lapsed craftily, I varnished reality fantasies at rectories mangled between anathemas with victims, or rather, I shot restructured for bagging tags not resurrected, the number was clearly printed, declivities pare dubious truths to believe descry frontal oscine plugging, the hornet’s nest at header deterred bountiful magnificent hubbub in largest crowds, they shot video from cars and as owls passed, the whole scene caught and transferred, they were notified, the car was there, thoughtful, a hundred feet away at most, we bent the curve and slipped inside occurrent, we naja haje thick congeals, away playing it to outer prowlers, the lanes then bled into the four-ply units,

circumference’s ballast broken-field numerical sanctioned, narcissus of cutthroat avert his militant, pistol on swerve, making cushion of her concerted afoul, passed out by the swimming pool, made a gesture of anamnesis captured in amber-dawn wreckage, the fluctuation of seven thumbs ballistic, if you wonder it is no clear reason, it is no clear reason to wonder to any tendency, however it plays the camera or fuel,

we are going back to the fire-spot by my keeling metamorphic incisions, narcotic funny with an ice gleam, bone-scraper fashioned ovum magisterial, within pompous god-clones self-differentiated overhead devolved, the pep-pill synthesis demographic psyche descends, infra-outre-automatics disembark, back to back sling formidable air conveyances, scales trumped on forced bail, numbed and sacrileges pierced with two-sided filings, croaking jokers broached the immaterial sessions, license-crest inbred posits the slug dragged her cigarette, raveling or riveting that capitation ingests, cluster-fuck the rifle aft the cinnabar stream, a tingle I felt in my sternum, I felt again was unimpaired and live-wire, my eyes cohere to stones spelling hidden sorcery, this entails interring a closet-spectrum, my territory gates symbolical and outflank the interior of bone-vaults,

I do not learn nothingness,
I’ll be out of the senses,
I’m not going to learn the medicine,
tenth, I don’t take it,
I come from her not that same as X,
I’m sorry, I’m summing up and was a practitioner,
my last fall, breathes,
I do not know how to admit to it, so I do,

tell me I miss when I was in the groans,
and my lies are missing when I have no staff,
and my eyes are missing when I have no sight,

antagonism burgeons albescent upraised beyond repossession, alluviation stampede drove the whip soldered stalwart, running the corner’s boasting hypnotic affair, brocaded torque glossa piecemeal home - fall, felling unseemly coping with everything that goes with thinning a word, a type of thorn succors diseased pathways, digging inside the masochistic feeling of winter, flowing restfully but with tortured singlets, the landsman hacker traced the bit, and I was taller still, taller still because asphyxiation drew her near,

body-talk as drug, universalize as waveform being drugged, the cognition and physical functioning drug processes on a hierarchical chain from first response to chained, or maybe no hierarchy necessarily at all,

and then travels outward beyond affecting else,

so these vessels are interactive,

all vessels determine an orientation, some right by, some distant, some wholly out of sight and possibly wholly elsewhere,

being as such, to define is to drug, to not and define is drug, life and death as drug, and all before and after the drug container which always was to a fixed point, to the point of cause, and always shall be to an infinite extent for the other, fixed narcoism,

passed the exterior unchaste restrained bloodletting, a subtle train of requiter beckons back to exclamatory, underwater my animism glowing, was very unendurable but machined not to knowledge, animate regurgitate petrify, death-forms crackle in lubricious vats,

I wasn’t consequential besides, or maybe amphoteric dreaming on sutures, salt to clean wounds, a bandage, some fresh water,

my mind was phosphorescent blurred a contrail slowing the speed of mannerisms, warrant a place to go, but there is really no place in reason,


pill-board satisfactory volitional stanza hold fast bashfully, convoy stressed told and taken and when to go up north (?), there are many telescopes, droned economies or ways are extant, every person clams blogging oblong altruistic alpha, cross-hairs the red dotted for individuality, must ramify, I intersectant foamed stint ra besides, when it zones fallen a certain set of cadaver, numbers belie in the quota of a persona, we will excavate the heart-soul real of god with war phased outward, synthesis, it is drugged apoplexy, curt-sail bone-sprayed, wicker non-calculable,

intermediary preparation of vast cell-blocks, ringed portions of white hinder cascading, blue latitudinal offers that which to clairvoyance succumbs, rubbing as well the egg fucking varlet chaining, gaining ground fractures, I don’t want to take another step but mustn’t I trope if, hardened calligraphy, sanitary will snatch all along wrestling pointer, the time flung at arced bubbles formed garish flubbing, swears to bits offing busting of ash ‘said’ crumbs, arranged the slippage of pinned skins, boiled oil mangled over flesh-rot, headsman panning top writhing before a classical drip, the shit snails ramshackle coagulated stem, our work gesticulation parsed beckons abduction, fragility catalyses informs a sundry piss-onion for his vanity glove, his brain wandering down, wandering plumbing, a flare wagons beyond feathers the runner was read and voiced, at gunpoint, what to do, this will fill X better from pip-age, his quiver was steadily to de-navigated, and fell to his agonized footing,

beast sulfurous bellow crypt walked function of ecumenical wave,

pagan dissemble dung serenade of the hoof, the angle at which contradicts the heart,

an angle in which we delve has circumnavigated hinter to dice,

I will play the gestalt back-sliding against sheep-rash nailed scoff blissfully feeding me my own lies after you cut it out and feed it to him,

we shall bury a candlelight channel,



that fault’s list is just a waste of time,

murder, my soot, my divining light, it is mine to use,
and I cannot keep it,

Killed me bowing (?),

buttresses tripping demoniacal stowaways, where do i begin (?)

to belief,

because nothing functions elated on my dragoon leering crimp, the station escrow orange in subtraction, my eyes clip sarcophagus portals in faking whisk-brine with phaedra’s hussy knuckles and this displays because animate grange, the hollow king, summons cranium earthbound willfully, tightly, indentation winds abound,

all of these inferences mine odes for stillborn peninsulas,
draining ghostly and androgynous wounds,

a dolorous conjuration of my flesh,


as crisp ventricles lash abated,

and bled leviticus swamped rightly, my tortuous bile split undone and sallied forwards to plank forming sacrilege,

this allurement stuns bending by coming of deranged age,

and deftly gangod-kill swift weans fractured delusional cocaine, yarn blustery lords immolated and still,


the leaded symbol, cantata flight comb cocks in her well-tucked

I airport anemia, your careens hit to cordially disrupt this thought,


lifeforms showered outside water-watching, anubis tripping sovereign fakes about autumnal fortresses of hands, molecule frills sucking awaits suppuration, mossy christens caskets cascading bloodily inside wrenching sails, then, faulty sewer rewinds abdominal, obelisk asunder crinkles diamonds within ludicrous abandon, all leading down a steep decline, a consanguineous tear flows down cracked porcine skin singing ‘water’,

messaging image: a handshake, the clarity encasement reached heights centered interrupts, demonized anthropomorphic language, the language is body-bought thoroughly entranced, I grind trinity what I speak-less, subject kinds meaning prominent or receding into, humanistic plague of mouth taste coils around the illumined, the illiterate know luminescence toward and symmetry or this abstract, authenticity the case represented enlightened came referent revealed, ravenous at denial slaying together as self-knowledge, a platform entwined with nightfall, personal texts constituted a lingual front,

indecency aware common-nonsensical engaged with signature, my necro-words, knives to work a longer sequence from brutalized thorax, telling caught clavicle, on a beam roar glossed casually connoting a woman’s hips, woman metaphoric model, the closure against snout, blown frequency blowing, evidently to keep her shortness, unlike the narrator clings phenomenology, author sips hallucinations to his service, anxiety in this contextual everyday, life endangered remedial blunt-force, visible dream-vomit inverting equivocal notional and traction, tinnitus secret exclamation always opening points, boundaries in one asunder a throaty bird announces,

I continually examine the die,

diagrammatic: a universe without using lines,

to describe what exists or does not,

points are not points, real,

a description of an event removed,

a model repressed or tongue forged,

sound is isolated in drug,










at a spot he was spotted slightly gravitational depth perceive, whelp r=2m decide gradient zero masochist, particles neuro-charged of negative identical sheets engage, between a needle-eyed struck light torn, a patterned present to present encoding, after presence connected matter of bodily in this case, the cloned holography offers bridge wave functional knowledge, the transit posit of reality unsettling beseech complete author, this fiat,

these three shots cavort quantities or amassed basis my entanglement operators in designer, oppressing mimed his face after shatter boundariessimple or insufficient morphology because of head-shot, sufficiently: what comes enter this bullet, comes or sides out by this bullet,

the two minus a one becomes an observable scene,

quibit tortoise hyper-polarization for slowing and the hit, open different at 50% knowledge but, same is not random for stream-portal as ballistics,

aren’t boxes in a tri-state tightly complete trigonometric also false for fear (?),

is also false nor fearful two physical quantities if bloodless departing (yes) sheer,

he bled-out,

share probability strategy when I took and looking, at a median and, you can’t access if you read at linear, per one at a time, so to describe a number you will never describe but your body,
to describe a word,
more than or more than computerized dark matter it would, not random but randomized at smaller circles, these circles radiate emitted no backdrop emission to describe hence information zero declines, quantum at field (your bodies) prospect moment vacuum thermal, permeate red-zone, corpus surface analogy hollow-tip to plane,

holes evaporate in a zero-lineage,

holography disjointed the fractal seed cleanup implant delve cord AdS bulking, not to destroy but to expound transfinitely mechanism of interior / exterior / scissored, interior none or possibly coded,

this radical chopped rooted cryptography,
a single agent nontrivial boundary,
(your head),
orthonormal vector disengage operate deeper or face expunge,
your (body),

eyelids passing, goes all alone sound, tears unfeigned dragged spell-wise, brain lulled in-sailed deeply under lodestone, hurried toward soil roughened nightstand, idle barrel proffered, bone-speak saluting quietly, an apparition damned ten steps at nape of neck, steel-work demurred girl in three hours, trial of switch-bate enclaves, her hands then ours having made a heavy statuette, fashioned a grimace loving that I call, myself exactly net-words sunlit, blood-red tinged, feeling old dentine terraced, raised tender here not coinage of ruse for precaution, message and angry and repay by leashing, banned brocades flesh-knit carded, splatter a lot knotted of branch charmed sunk and left, led pillar to feel the water lastly, cooing, having an outline but once,

baby deserves might recover para-plead jinxing the wishbone, fifty guns monk footer abode, climbing extraordinary irony, wool certain above dying of fatigue, crestfallen foreshorten to show me my ways, mockingly sow voice is softer than condescend, much too in hours beheading astonished, court the air lowly insensate children watched as understands boil, silent bars selling aftereffects, arms gilded graveyard proportionate, grudge, I know the industrial necklace chained taller than she, a little hasty peacock suddenly drear, mirror and difficulty, getting barrel the whetted phone to ring like femur blown kisses, a forest in his icy hands, cold gusts, a tray of rubber hemorrhages at night past ten licks,

clasping nine fathered terms, necro-heavenly consent documenting better misgivings, curiously long-suffering dismantling very high explained fire, ode himself able of his death, feeling perfectly sure of the dark mist in bags,

contrary intellect ditched despised white-mass is not amendable, a finger raised afterwards blowing them topmost to watch, turning an idea to god in barbellate homicide, racked against peremptorily, this kissed an explanation,

for that moneybag going savagely run, blocked tortuous the street, beyond a precious commented as a platform for distrusting the poster, like old cried humanity because he deserved it, coincidence agog hoodwinked for instance, he meant to congeal knocking up against, an ability provided silent turbulent grimaces, could refuse (maybe) or not, I listened with a straight dissecting line, scalpel incised in third eye,

toxicology discipline acolyte last, long rags and the difference between, moaning wide-eyed piss mordacious refined locate, playthinging tight-lipped roped anachronistically emergent, a soliloquy rock-bottom seeped joking tells advantaged, I grasped disappearance, unanimously fairly unused hidden array of, nurse unusual uttering someone at wooden for a gradual suppression, undertaking voices rasa tossed, meanwhile rapid-fire subversiveness over and unconsciously, with a question that hurts but amazed for judgment of unsound mind, over and over and could we hear it again (?),

but frankly to begged biting this rare annihilation interdict because losing oxygen rapidly, on such and such your itching sans original talking, animate halogen outlook the sheriff, broke off lacking in their niceties doubting, flaxen charred whispers narrowly before the rood, avis au lecteur, tangent, comparisons being forbidding just, stale everybody commanded the discussion, led authority subscribed that rumors locally contracted, aberrations certainty intent alms quota negligee, a burn mark could be detected beneath the scalp,

went out lengthening straight-jacket,
tundra pulsar motivation,
listening equipped poorly vaunted,
struggle vanquished deviled comforting so they were,
very afraid insults quicken heat,
subterranean stretched out companions,
the apprehension of saving heads lively expressionistic of,
these atrophied words dragging you there,
replete in mind,
posited ambiguous the thinker archangel pronounced,
good-bye thirty years was an instrument,
was said an idea horsewhipped or,
was stopped confusing shaken,
the running incident ominous calculation,
steep moaning grins widely fervent ended,
came to a complete greeting vanishing wisely,
dipped where for hurrying the fore of being,
casually mentioned happiness,
slunk in coating sacrificed,
of authority deeming discretion,
the countenance regarded as transparent paper,

profanation observing narrow tics, hospitable acquiesce magisterial stretching, livid gown on-top transactor, filtered white seeds, bone-dust misled then commanded suitors, the retort of absences ascribes but you,

the fools optimistic selling deserted, flipped appearances epigrammatic, awfully lamp-lust, dominions refract dismally from within, supervision of a knife pushing stones, fumbled your interstices once, sister’s some faculty be it worm-like and breeding,

apropos obligatory pocket-book, escapee pacing assented ribbing, needle-bed at hotel, at dawn the railroad invariably stalemated, her neck specious on a stool in a rare angled position, obviate liquids that before hence were not, minutes flash return into self, core wobbling is amniotic,

or was it half-reclining (?),

we gratification deafness, to returning womb is all coveted, so fucked off the sky-lining, I swear because it never ends, the last time this is not possibility,

the early church broadened sin as much to be forgiven much, but child is conned coming to turn a birthright,

mother’s stigmata internalized,

her yolk is yearning,

an egg can be cracked as my child is prosthetic, the lights go out
to come back in,


pendulum sometimes of the material offers disproveït,
see androgynous do not want to know why it is colder,
synchronicity que my ceremonies troubling,
a ‘you’ surrounds the object,
I fuck the same,
the same as I get others and it,
be why and be hate,
I am not there and not mine,
sometimes and sometimes also of dosing bottoms in sands,
attend and ask that for a long time,
some volition from domination,

snuffing she asked for it in simple, to take her beaten thighs and clung to butcher, grigri druggish consecrated palatalization steps innate storm, lithely in bordertown the account tapered tools demoralizing fragrant, the lips topped scourge because they embalmed celestial, beardless scoria-prima ferment of her glossless enrapture, correlate orgasmic paste mal de ojo called for bridge (at sharecrop engagement), the jackal drops limited carry sunken mauve to shave her head, pipe between his crushed rock, and went farther down hers,

arciform language develops filthy clitoral tracings, the magnate love braced scribes and demons against races to whites and buttocks, face blood sunken to reversal of head then lopped off shrunk and put into his pocket, later on to pass through a silken string to carress/engage rivulet,

he has several of these inventions in his collection to arrange for aftershow and druggish, then the great sleep when coming very powerfully,

decaying contamination discouraged fiercely phishing cocaine, smell psionic summon malefic chemistry of snail-paced confiscation, disillusionment saturn’s hemispherical defective aught, the halcyon gouge shaking spiked tendrils processing pieces, ringleader often black rubber diabolical bone in housing, full of plastic point prisms, invalid torturer to deeds at aurora inferring needle-like or blended stem,

truncate the court as if it were hanging in mid-air, gaping punctually,at the lord in the mountainous ruins red routed coruscates all finality blame, the central processor torpidly lopes misfiring para-code, winds into a hollow odd,

order rows can specter on false, or grind about gangod rape about what eats the sum of hunting bodies in terrible finesse, the donor was not donate, but rather capped, fooled organic trickles steam-presses out of small cuts, then oozes lark for bigger homilies,

this is not static emperor,

he judicious the cards were passed between connoisseurs, and one at highest bid or could potentiate through inquiry to get a hold of certain high-end soma for recitation at will and lay wherever, or for higher extra fee to get what wanted as a meal, it was really intended that way, a person of means could feasibly obtain severed comas if desired, and would be delivered in ice freshly cut from this or that tree, and that sap would flow freely, and one could intake if intent into gory rich mouth for delight, content until same desire overtakes again, and one must go back and obtain a calling once again, and it is addiction if it is not,

it is not out of realm of any prospect, and has been accomplished out-looking before in respects,

psychiatry implodes lower body at taste by placing the body of candles that can be absolutely restrained or controlled by heat-mind systematically agreeing and doing well or trampling a certain function or star, this small grain in the inevitable skinning verification pods pollute the night and go silently to save,

structure enlarged the encapsulated façade, and footage off the scalpel tweaking organized on the yellow path elephantine cascade exhausted streets with formidable absolutes neighing raced fossil wrought that pops or lover’s flimsy clapping, this is strengthen of video cutout master brainwave fleecing poppy noisome gaiter,

afterwards rippled thoroughly windward expand tangible retreat amphibious gorge corundum underneath soft tissue, residual glacial thwarting witness squash failed roach of mantle symbol, social policy definition lies in operating room, death with many seedling as an intercessor, ripping out tongue, rub of body part, the disengaged and make it not taste the shit that is rubbing on brier in some order blurred we dig up,

subhuman relational phenomenon iterates delve stymie lords’ radiate acultural implies, contextual shadow frozen orders with reasonable demands on border scapes trauma in the tunnel, slapped in sleeping position bit in mouthless beating yielding turpentine nether she rook blessed or cursed about sediment amidst purse, grimace photometer seduction little sweatshirt nick of inverted squire breath trembles bisexual loafer, chestnut female capitalist has histrionic classify considers we are not heretics and sorcerers, sorcerer tearing escry unexpressed dildo washed up scale concerns between target, stain process i can see now when jokes in opposition to the facts beset linearize croaked, barrier bonded extensively extracted summon extreme action, hellish provocation pacing heart padded-cell respect heart pulse impale, respecting the baptismal flooring, quadrant of alien package, ineptitude curved to scraping prolapsed millions torqued whitewash but leverage in-pace, was at tumult ousting her rose-joy rectum and catatonic she rose to lose balance retreated into own mindlessness for her offing completed,

deep transport through the desert, the burden was flesh and dust, to an equal extent, I eroded a chair that influenced the sordid quelling, and the blue cranes were amazed at the skeletal remains of emeralds sedated,

gestures too, refers for demographic bodies in circular bases in pinhole castles that tax the pots belonging to systematic ritual tapers, divides the breasts into three parts, and the fingers of the fingers that make the motion picture splinter into alternative dimensions faulting broadely, intracontextually: the spectacle is a stratum quantum composing,

clung fist whiter whites whiting lips digging slow slowly clicker, rapid press tips faster, shores tingle trace feminine delta, lingual inside out bead between tongue rope and cling the small bead, language as vowel toward inner tapestry, pink lining sweat ringing sweet blood and the string is tied stinging emptily, space ripe tree ripens moist irreverent cross to bear, fruit behind cat’s tail dominoes dots hands as cups mouth as spouting trigonometrical waterfalls, to teeth with no bite joust no hands free hands leg at uvula pouncing freely, freer at best now piss kite my mouth answers shit on glass mirrors, lap it up and spit it into the other player’s dilation,

come with, my dear aught-nine and go-go training, just training the boil, pull through belly, tighten, titular, the frontal contextual aromatic burst blood flies cortex plies hard right and then left or corkscrew vertiginous, the suture ardor cone=road informant dynamo: it is an undulation vapidly presenting order lightly, upraise firing multi-task unearth god bested in ripe ape foraging apish with trees make my way headstrong to prevaricate on sim simplicity, silence, simulacra, arrow, a dot answer poise, some brisk ago, to conjugate a feeling warping warbler times have changed, so here now we are, offer pissed the offal tang masticates awareness of disjunctive vulture carp median and lies from timelessness to here, lightly, picking mileage, as we said and pricked and moaned and buried some heartstrings lambaste the churn colloquy, will blood lucrative stones on the mask fair flight asp hamper my mind in quick tallies the bones of fortitude, do you have anything to say (?) or death quake blow organ by lime in punctured mirrors, I softly retire promenade poison in folklore ankles,

by dint, pilfered the horizontal cortisone and stricture RNA fabrication, my smile to plead with dawn, felt the urge to peeve reliable rising generation, the answer(s) in terms of itemization ultimate dual, shore criminal septic inquisition lining blather volcanoes but now it is nothing to speak of and that is why some sun trailed minutes ago exponentially,

were harnessed gasping shriveled impotence,
impotence on the modified code as an ugly crack aloft,
my sacrifice oxidized color wedding feckless vivification,
time pain,
time yellow beautiful sleepy eyes awakened,
this time yellow mantle loveless dry,
let gangod not once apotheosize human need but dose her
to the notion of limitation,
he is back to his burnt (caesura),
shell-meta-aorta, godless disintegrate seed
and laughed scornfully colorlessness awry
and so the seed was not seed,
was never filmed belong,
and here you thought that the evidence cannot be denied,
all thought to bring them back into the same,

I do not know how to read the truth to you, sod I jack-offed another warning exhaust winding removal, dialed hell blind nearest, mice and scene eyed bragging its tires disdain (top to sodomite uni-dimensional), risk threaded centrifugal clutched thrown a penny void master, hidden hide abeyance grown, planted assumptions quiet lice tip for astral bowling,

the intermediary and colleague and the average jellyfish burning, stop sand plank phonemic licking directionless dropsy, thoughtful foresaw assault complaint among brutish kitchens with great greenish utensils, sordidly noise archer meadows thinking, working seeker hurt the chagrin of my tarot becoming her sex, I session, as clovers (fog OLE),

flares over watercress,
salacious time this cartel to swallow webbing of sheol,

god-clones went silence by locution withdrawn,


the flight of the hawk overhead, the sound of this bell, they are the first murder, the birth of the last babe, this motion of my hand, the look of your eyes gliding into mine, the folding of the one into the infinite

I am leaving here now


of (soul) any, any, (sold) anything detour(s) the diaspora sunning, I barely withstand any localized eternal detour, only the cul-de-sac of reason, only the cul-de-sac of eternal malfunction, I only withstand dead-ends of static, knowing this here, as god births our rights, as god clones faith I frosty time-lit contextual gangrened my alphabet; my words as simple nothings, sweet sweat pouring down the face: my nothings, my words mean nothing, or, they mean everything; and I live cautionary fire stasis alight involving death phonemes, a death-blanket frozen laxative of mind, I shit and drift off barely withstanding, and the latitude windmill when I breed salubrious fallow as blood runs deeper, this wraith wrapping-wiggling-mind,right here, I swear too little; I grow this much bigger, I enveloped the wound-pear halo heliotrope because of my childishness sinking down, down, down, down. I submerge spittle in leniency, with nothing, nailed entrails screeching tambourine thistles; christ was asymptotic terra-bled at blameworthy trachea to reprove the magnetic villainous tassel; but loveless, I valley foiled reconnoiter reprobate raillery (in closet type steeples), maelstrom taxidermy would like to be taxed, tanned and tapestry; forsooth, I grow, I grow on this peevish candle mind as it groans, emblematic of holographic sutures, the lineaments of time dangle chemically and inconstantly (with beuys in his hare faction off ground on robotic display clown hat), hence,thought tarnished the red penning awry, seedless while making letters conjoined at slipping motions, and I make amends for impassibility, as there are no other awaits on leaning, sup on future; collect the bon vivant bone errs: this is telephonic interpolation phantasmagoria, vixen mire orchard fragmented idolatry, blameworthy stoke prim the annihilator mark, and epistolary hearsay embroidered, stealth tricks flux, Then We Starved, the miser en scene course thrice mucosa undressed, bloodily lily diaphragm by sinners slow, slow, slow, slowly,

I cannot contain to catscan crypt as this germane indentation hexed/ disconnects the duplicate quizzical into an emotion I showered alien silences from formally perpetually my afterward verbal expression leafing we blazon snuff-peals delinquent to experience syntheses tricked expression grows crested bells verbal expression fluid like mind buzzing to detonate


devoid vial structure inside keying this point toward turns inference my monarch speeds/my monarch into your monarchy grows/expands we do not function necessarily in propinquity possibly worlds left apart for sly elevators but with haltered arc-denominational ur-polygonal in this we function as animal textures our eyes twitch the brain with blinking to scan my next lashing the second life importunes slipping banquets


elongates functionality by the swerving cognitive motor Etc. Etc. Etc.

and coordinate hallowed be thy nameless

when aroused

amber plucks coitus pinker segues restive times dawn undresses her visual perception/abstracts vignettes patched bugging alter kinds of corpses more for washing the staining of this being likened to corpse cavity defiled tensile lord acerbic of me becomes a fine green grain undone you pronounce lifters of words tomorrow to lose the tail and become word-head
baseless ...

the archaeological conglomerate upraised malfunctioning abortions, frisky kitten plugged orange crab luncheons, the buffet has been nerved (redo past), pull-out at zero. animism quietly sub par, my lord, elephantine succors to pinch my tightly winched foam flailing underneath bones and carriages, are crimped blase anfractuous lilting torments,
when we delve, we are arisen,