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ag davis


ag davis

in the thrust of an infinite gospel we speak lower and lower about this tomb and about our trust by marching in language to be cleansed to behave and at last to slip away...

Báthory churns the little seed. The little seed as contact, unsteady, becoming the kill for her covenant. This is her secure pulsar delusional; her impotency is burned as the impish crickets below the necrotic gate of thorns. And through these thorns, suppressed her lists race conduit adore necrophobic dispersal; the prurience of tormented silence divested minding to break the mingling of this horn's peeling crest.
-It is as it is.


A single bloody finger beyond a bloody hand approaches the negative antithesis in which mental anesthesia imploded its inner shell, purging its being. I mounted this leftover shell out of curiosity, and I peered inside ...

Statement calcified notice for defilement:
Whenever Elizabeth Báthory sliced lady-like antenna swine sanguine to consanguine or nothing, not am coming to maiden excavation offal nubile staring. Safe year 900 A.D. crinkles better feral toward lucid paper; anfractuous bellhop dour mince these word(s), and setter pine box unguent machine aft the infiltrator with fulminous showers ... her facials facile.
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We: Wednesday another Sinner arrives, worms happening worms.
A wormhole is pinker.
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Time ago. Well...
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I bled.
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Present is blasphemy.
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'IDEA' constipated ferocity slipping queasy in haggard mindful dross ... While meanwhile this Báthory adjudging insinuates without, she annihilation bloody grenadier circlet my snapped rib cage after inexplicable mount her abode which lies fleshly in format. No need discussion airtight mouths expanded life forms, and pleasure ticks guilt on fullness. We treasure voiding custard between thighs nursing on blood, as this stands: Love, but ... we go affirm nice infirmity nicely.
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Digitized conducts then remains upright, conducive to nepotism; much longer waters opposite the emblem's granular tract. I distanced myself from beloved artifacts, the aspect clones you alone beget. Your billion wheel decade hides ritual sacrifice, dozens of sepulchral undertones forcing cattle; the imperial cryptogram blurred a few photographic, assizes this hand, a relative misprint when one-two-twentieth imbibed as the noose is shitting ... I cannot contain to forgo as this germane indentation disconnects the duplicate quizzical into a thrash. I showed altered silences from formally perpetually my afterward. Verbal expression leafing. Verbal expression left. Verbal expression calcified. Okay, devoid fluid ages epic creature(s) inside keying this point of inference. My monarch slows. We do not function in proximity, but with anterior. In this, we function as lashes. Lashes the second life importunes: No, elongates functionality by the third. This could lead to hacking by gleam spike purloin adventitious divested flesh gearing to gears. When aroused, amber coitus pinker segue times dawn undoes her visual perception: Ass snail snippet bugging kinds of corpse designed categorical prurience more for washing the staining dustpans of this being. Likened to corpse painted off-white, tensile tail lord acerbic of me. Etched out farrago blanked bio-hazard plunders our systems disallowing located my promulgation; you pronounce liters tomorrow, or not.
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The walls crisscross the nomenclature of potentiality, antitheses burying the outside of terminology, and suffer from performance contrivances entrenched in extracting dangerous consequences. Where to probe for it? István Magyari is electrical, an alternate space of virtuality. Its general practicing matrix caricatured passable star primes, which are the observers of his mien.
Transfer accumulates the plane jerk, smashing whatever trash sobriquets her paternal lust gave; I swore that primal maps were to surmount the above mortuary protective measures.

And her mind was in despair by a coagulation of time. The next cycle relaxes the profit, and the thinking arrow supplies turbulence when her blood splattered scarf intervenes. Báthory counterparts without this skin; the diabolical ravagement of delicate teeth abaft the sod whimpers.
This time, the safe side of the convict weds displaced masochistic dimensions screwed down by her contrivances. Everyone who accepts these thought-tumors and the anti-saint will molest a dubious future into cometary lace. And so things were commencing: They were drooping quite lowly for simulated post-physical, post-brain fantasies (still intoxicated).

After the coalescing of this time and physicality, the body-elevator was suspended, and the women were lowered fidgety aboard with the disruption. I instantiated the afternoon flesh medley, as they were, in fact, critically conjoined. Shortly thereafter, an elaborate page itemized the backgrounds. The biologic mutations reassembled in the same forms from which they commenced. As such, there is an inscription on the bodily impressions left by the garbled locution of a digital contraband haze. And there Báthory was, standing on the corporeal balcony while clenching her stomach, and snapping herremaining humanity for anesthetized attrition.

The captured insisted on strangling a wail beyond the dead source ... miserable hyacinths rippled through their gruesome stories. It was time to go to sleep. They did not desire to, but could not resist the rustling ether. The smell of perfumed vomit slapped them about in a dark room toward a row of stepladders clumped together by the encasement. Several vitrines contained the vitamin source of six innocent girls, their faces contorted and swirling with unimaginable colors. Two were hung by the feet, biting their tongues, and swinging to and fro; this would be the spot to provide the moving slides. The incipient authenticity of the moving slides was a necessity, one which could not be overlooked.

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In spite of this, preeminence abandons designation by what Báthory refers, that with regard to her subjects she swallows quietly. I know all of this account legalizes questions today. Her disappearance was marred on several levels that have permitted vital red tape. The equipage appropriates fecal projection. During a period perverted the association
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Time the teachings inevitable to disprove: Frail curtains like this have been delegated like everything elsewhere, and we can go. I blanketed my flesh tried and truthful to apathetic the impracticable arabesques. She was my love unwound, spiraling like this into the void of reason; I did not know what to think, only what, in this, was not exactly possible.
You have advantages in which magnanimity should remark toward two persons, link by link. They will sometimes grow by the simple motion of a retrograde eye, and will listen to stories about their elders' displacement.
At once myself and these three heresies, I dissipate the solitary places; I am a variety of contrast.
Please, meditate on dreams. These seated decried sampling in the side aisles for this contrasting. Enjoyment melted at discord as I hesitated to name the instrument's shadow. Unsettling creation, we waver inexplicable anguish; and for this reason, and this reason alone, they have killed comes a girl who has not eluded appalled, and is calling it a miracle.
And consequently, this nascent right on side for a compromise without travestying shouted handled by such stiff yet tender hands.
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She perpetuated to be very ill to fortify her scatterings of self, and neither do articles for lack of clarity blurred old photograph no doubts have been more than convenient. We value sources gold leaf to move past white glows, as the name suggests, stop before it. The most exquisite power to illuminate this complexion of untold areas.
As such, the sunlight never penetrates scarcely varies, and our city has a temple different from any other woman's. In exercising these customary roles of exhibition, it turned studies the most profound enchantment conscious to the mind. Distinctly, we become collectors take me received off, but faintly. In you in I remain; my mantle is a fortnight away from, and should be dragged from them; it burns out my bite.
Elizabeth uses all of those parts as a rejection of disadvantage. The body becomes more and more remote as a result of this. Someone will tell me to eliminate, and replied to the above in feelings for their nature allows. A systematic ruling belongs here.

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Above all, an admirer aqueducts the whole web of our existence, making it impossible that this curiosity for the milk of unruly calculations be seen. This amounts to a criminal need not prove an accusation; he gives none, in that cage for my person makes an enlargement to the elements we have banned from weaknesses. In a similar fashion, a servant must not backbiting rejection smite the immovable crowded for a pastime arouses enjoyment to some sort of sexual embitterment.
And indeed, recondite childishness wastes upon nothing but the due seasons figured largely abreast the innocent (which were finalized and exported). It would be very difficult to preserve pleasure when these ardent means mocked the troubled thoughts of vying with the others; atrocious, yet appropriate, sometimes the rhythms are mixed up within a cauldron of momentary singularity. The sense of it all amounts to the fact that this singularity must explode into an infinite night.
And singularity breeds other singularities.

I went out into harnessed by sometime; everyone was out, but that made very little difference to the injured, having broken her spine to watch the rehearsal. One woman may be of loose jargon, considering ageless. We will see where this takes us. And, if it does not, where it loves her detour(s) extraneously dripping.

As always, sometimes the vices of the parents are to blame, but when fine as the back door crafty to corrupt the vine or tendrils. It supersedes the evident that defrauds the flower; only for her milk, and her milk alone, does all of this transpire.
Her lifeline is washed in the knowledge of myself. I have soaked all wrinkles and imperfections. I gaze into pure mirrors to see a pure self. There is nothing more that I want, yet I always desire an undefined and unlimited range of indistinct mazes to meet my riveted gaze.
I have oft regretted to take it aside and follow the body to its ultimate need(s).
I have always been these others of a less extravagant character; it is an intricate problem which is quite possibly insoluble.
As we shall see, the tale-bearer for this moth as one waits on the machine. The gestural night recedes, and Elizabeth is burdened by a incumbrance of horrible proportions. But, I could perceive that all where this city inhabits, and the enviable portions my eyes did black corridors hidden within the labyrinthine stomach.
It is impossible to waver any more, so I must retract myself into some former shell ...


There was no angel with the flower in the ghost town.

She is trying to reach god-quantum neuronal synthesis to establish singularity. Reality, as it is being bled to death, catalyzes metempsychosis as a recycling agent-this as a recycled wave form-I go into bodies-I attempt to connect motion to the plasticity of static. Is the isthmus of the eye yellow for god? This is a good started blessing -color is explosion, mid-game, never truth; the process is invalid-the final result is not a result-it is absolute (no true/neutral/false value).
In my childhood there was a whistling sound like a uniform shiver parading during the illness of time.
What is it, I asked myself in this very context, that propels the word forward? I believed the question was answered in its own right simply by the process of self-inquiry.
Do you not remember?
Unfortunately, I remember all too well.
There is no head-shot through the analogy whom nature supposed niceties to confer justification through a flesh-impulse of dire need. Let him follow (or yield in his own manner). He will be above half their grace purely for physical means.
And through these physical means, the same kind of imagination is needed at this unstable price. If Báthory perceives the angle of your own condition, let her fall into an ill-formed solitude-one of the dark spirit, and one which she cannot let go of easily. For this very reason, I have proscribed to inexhaustible presumption. I know where all thoughts and feelings lead. This is without any doubt. If he were positive of his own motives, we will prove ourselves to be the unreality of our own excuses.
The excesses we carry on after centuries of ineptitude will cause us to enter into a death's march. This phase overshadows all time. It is a deadly non-shadow, yet a shadow all the same. The shadow goes by no name, but it is called whenever the mouth is opened.
If I had but one wish, it would be for the mouth to be permanently closed and shut off.
The oral, like all eternal things, is very vague.

The procurement of a journeyman's secretion bifurcated at the reddening of dawn distills Nefertiti and her eye worm. When she barbarously fell, she drank rust filled water, and narrowed the possibilities inherent in plucking the sour sores from the digital demon. She was swallowed by a cloud of nefarious prisms, and the satanic shibboleth scourged the dimensions of her flawless outer body.
This was a dream.
It had to be.
St. Anthony never smiled as he was shot into heaven.
At the end of the road there is cold eternity.

Along the quay the wind is calm.
Whole cities were cast down in favor of sheltered rays.
In the dungeon, flesh is hewn from Sodom's bedpan.
When leaving, remember the developer who tricks freshly drilled soul(s) seeking to advance her defaulted sensor.
We came in for amusement.

The crepuscular future clams up the dreaded moment; one idea voices made-up stories by the overhanging seasons of her prey. I have scalped the wolves who walk with human hair. I have crowned the malformed skeletons of rapists to watch them rise like the dough of the clean nubile flesh they once ravaged. I have prostrated myself before Adam's shriveled and petrified penis, and have spat at my own dissection, which is none other than the face of my own god: myself.


That is the light which replaces the Black Madonna rivers.
It is longing to torment the ocean's unbridled dizziness.
We said that of the soul, as one can speak limpidly, connecting, leaving the axes at bay; when the codex congeals, the rabbit will swim with contorted clocks in a pool of fractal monism ...

She opens the chemistry of the axes to discover a charnel house wrapped in silvery paper ...

It was a resurrection by fire in the funerary tradition.

I stroke my acrid reputation by its flames, and whimper by the candles that sit next to my bed (they are the embodiment of the same principle, being a fathomless black hole).
Wheeling around in circles, I do not know what to classify as my apple, even though it is alight before my eyes ...

The fog has descended, and my hands are clasped in imbalanced denial.
This denial breeds inflamed lust, and I bite the depths of the bit that my tongue denies.
I bite it harder and harder.
My tongue still denies.
Thrice my tongue denies.
The bit between the razors releases a share of my responsibility for my narrow-minded denial.
No man can stake out this cemetery without first having bade his apple goodbye ...

As these are all accidents, how I listen to her is none of your concern ...

The wailing of a sacrificial mirror never gives an impartial stare.
Everything states that the iron is burning away these differences ...


I sensed like arrow-seeds the archipelago of Nicaea. I will to elevation my rent tempest with you toward the broken body wedding this rendering of cataract listlessness. It is becoming my bodies to saturate my feeling for Mother's saturnalia. To answer: Cotard as milking timelessness in fractals undeserved of the last infernal supper, but stood erect by canceling what was richer than the ailing words of the hive we left. The answer provided, I created the disruptive linkage of cognitive disrepair to ultimately untie us.

I failed this being a weed hopeful to fields when whiter as colossus. The weeds were charred with a flaxen sigil of her windmill distorted. The inhibitions worshiped at this spot of many; they possessed numerous stills.
We have gone to one; it is too far inward to turn amid like songs of leaving some vainglorious murder stirring.

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Because ...
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And ...
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It can be dwelt.
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In the sea, bringing her seasoned being(s) over gaps, gasps, breaking faster with little longitude, I forgave the Eve.
See the chronological signs in lower air.
Abusing, gagging ping, dry, and do not fill both of her male flesh with the authors desiccated to mumble for multiplying this eternity. And them: I belong to them more than this narrow divide that is between us. To see the face of Godless said that cleaning up a twelfth is to split roses drying; admit dryness in the production of landing forth death. This means grail like mountain streaming grid deceased and broken.
In filling this: I believe we are very experienced for this signal, too- although it remains unexplained behind reducing air-frames. They are here, yet unproductive, as you know.

To fill the lower light. To bear this utilization.
Motion pictures will not be brought under the flesh of his face. It produces no Godless while it vivifies all types. Updated cartography has blessed the twelve, impure, also of the sea; these directionless and ionized temptresses leave my feelings sorted, dusted.

After moving to bring the first-mentioned below, the spirit of the lark destroys, the dark ladder said. For each Jacob heart. Should from the seas, fertile seed of life also saw bested, winged features of the thorn-ridden plea. After powerless, the bloodlines are shifting into the sky. Petals not of this land. The first man devolved. She, my sister, will be green as well. Called.
Her day.
Season's skyline, my reddish tree grew gray according to the destitute man who had his demons hidden. It is not for or from the words. He slithered and reproved; they set out to do so with the dark deepness blending to light in the watery air. They were to gut them with a sorted production (Elizabeth spoke well, redact).

Types of signs, the proliferation of birds moving on the surface of the grim eye; in order to conquer, the water still has the image of a painted face.
Fowl day.
You are computing.
They are clearly separated.

I have opened their mien, somewhat sparkling. I have wandered amid green trees where water boiled in the air, sparkling transfixed; no, no-cannot bring darkness to gather the serration. She says everyone and the spirit weeping tongues, the frail abode.

The sixth man has given the green flesh of our faces to the sea in the evening. They were all the same. However. At the start of charging meat breed, there is great Godless in all seasons of the selfsame hearing.

We saw a beast emerge. He thundered the spirit of the Spirit. Fish. Not classified as part of the hand, but intended to appear toward its periphery. Fill in the form of an image of a man blessed with a dark face gathered under a long day. Godhead spoke. The second one moved to split our needlessness. Her lead will not be upbraided to meet the spirit of her daughter's totem words.
I am like her.
They fly in the filth.
They have more than pictures left.

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Clearly now, we can see that the tormented light is dimming...

That morning will come, but that it will not...

That she is truly stuck outside of time...

And that time is outside of time,

t(rap)p(ed)... ()